Flash! Handshakes, smiles. Flash. The order that is ever to be found in a gathering of entrepreneurs. It is always relaxing to be in these events.

Hardly is any credit remitted to the remarkable skills of the events planner.

Planning corporate events can be a challenging job. It always requires endless creativity to give life to professional events and spice up the experience for your guests. Not to mention the time and budget constraints.

Part of the charm of event planning is the uncertainty and how it pushes you to invest in creativity.

A recent survey shows that over 5,200 meetings are held every day by the event industry. This means there are about 1.9 million gatherings throughout the year. This is applicable in almost every country around the world.

Event planners have their hands full round the clock.

Keeping your guests fascinated is the life of any party. However, just like writers and other artists have a block, event planners too occasionally wind up in blind alleys.

The dynamics of human attention can be demanding to keep in check. But with these six tips to enlivening corporate events, you'll find interesting ways to keep your guests thrilled all the way through.

Grand Entrance

The beginning of any event is the entrance. Welcoming guests to a corporate event with a unique entrance or red carpet is like making a good impression on your first day at work. A grand entrance will thrill the visitors up to the end of the event.

You should aim to make your guests say things like: “Oh, they installed sleep neon lights at the reception area”. “They used amazing ideas to make the place look totally different.” “They used exquisite balloon arc decors.” “The welcome staff were all dressed up to look like Elvis Presley.”

The dreamlike entrance creates suspense to the guests as they can only imagine what awaits them inside. Long hallways of great artwork will electrify the guests for the event. Majestic lightings on hallways will also give the guests an intimate effect.

To spice things up even more ensure elegant lounges greet the guests at the end of the hallways. For instance, the dream lounge could treat guests to a big bed. While the bohemian lounge would be fitted with a hookah vibe having low seats for cosy conversations.

Photo Booths for Corporate Events

Photographs capture the life of any moment. Images do not age or warp. And they capture more than just the faces and cute dresses.

Photographs capture feelings, relationships and, if you look closely enough, thoughts.

Corporate events create avenues for building and rejuvenating strong relationships. A simple photograph will store these memories for life.

Guests generally love photo booths. Having photo booths around will completely rule out the chances of your events getting boring.

When nothing serious is going on, your guests will be busy taking fun photos.

Even shy people will find a lot of comfort when the curtains are drawn in an enclosed booth. Open booths offer the option of group photos.

A grand photo booth will come with scores of props and photo filters. These will spell lots of excitement for your guests. The fact that photo booths print photos instantly doesn’t mean that there is any compromise in quality.

They come with state-of-the-art photography equipment and user-friendly interface for the perfect shots. Having a corporate event in Melbourne? Book your awesome photo booths Melbourne event planners depend on here. You can also contact us at 0488-050-799.

Live Performance

While this idea is nothing trailblazing, live performances are a tried and true source of corporate entertainment. Who doesn’t love good music? Or who doesn’t appreciate an awesome work of art created before their very eyes?

Big names can spark a buzz.

However it isn’t easy to find excellent entertainment that doesn’t break the budget. Contemplate local bands or even your attendees themselves.

Doesn’t a karaoke sound perfect?

Adding a live artist to your event can add a memorable touch. It could include caricatures, silhouettes or paintings, depending on the type of corporate event. This would be an amazing recall for your guests.

Perhaps they could even auction to buy the paintings afterwards.

Spice up With Food Stations

We don’t know about you, but food always presents itself to us with delicious delight. Keep everyone’s enthusiasm and energy up by offering a distinctive food experience.

Wouldn’t it be so much fun if there is some sort of food station in every corporate event? Munching on a tasty bite while listening to interesting talks sounds like an amazing idea, doesn’t it?

Bonus tip: Involve Instagram-worthy food stands to spark off the growth of your event’s social media mentions too. You could have cheese and cold cuts stations, sushi bars and so on.

Mix Your Drink

Food and drinks are an inseparable pair. Your favorite drink always goes hand in hand with an amazing meal.

However, you have to make it more interesting than the cliché bars at regular events.

Bring in a mixology expert to teach attendees how to mix up their favorite drinks. And they will try out new cocktails and they could even find a new favorite. This would be great, paired with a happy hour following. Where attendees get to network and mingle.

This would be a great team building exercise for organization staff and even other invited guests. People naturally bond when they discover they share common interests.

Puppy Play Pen

When it’s down to conjuring up innovative ways to relieve stress, the answer may be man’s best friend. A survey carried out in Australia in 2016 showed that there were more than 24 million pets in Australia. About 61% of Australian households have pets at home, and 40% of households in Australia own dogs.

Wouldn’t it be stimulating to have these amazing creatures present at your event? It could be an after event or recess activity for guests to hold them. They could even gather round to discuss their fascination with these creatures.

You could even chip in more furry animals like cats for your guests’ delight. Puppy play pens are catching on as a key solution for attendee engagement.

Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Whatever your pick for your events spice-up is, a first-class photograph to capture the essence is always a necessity.

Your guests would love to have pictures of them holding the adorable puppies. They would want to have pictures of themselves with the celebrity live performers. And they definitely wouldn’t want the experience of tasting amazing food combos to exist only in their heads.

They would want pictures, lots of pictures.

Lavish Photo Booths is your best pick to capture these spurs-of-the-moments. Providing you with high resolution photos and over 60 props to make that photo brilliant.

Contact us today and book your choice photo booths. Whether you want the fun, open booths or the closed, curtained ones, we have the right solution for you.

Taking pictures is really fun. Photos capture fun times and leave us with lasting memories. We can always go back to the photos we took and not only remember how much fun we had taking the pictures. But also remember the event and how it went.

There’s no better way to create lasting memories than using a photo booth rental. When you use a photo booth, the English adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” will come to mind. And in your case, a few of those thousand words could be “we had so much fun at the amazing event you organized”.

Oh, the logistics of organizing a party already seem like so much work. To now include a phone booth rental? Wouldn’t it just be best for guests to take their own selfies themselves? No, we beg to differ. The purpose of an event is to bring people together and sometimes, party games are incorporated to get people to loosen up.

A photo booth hire does that and more, you could even ensure that people take at least one goofy picture before they leave. That would make for an interesting memory don’t you think?

You don’t have to worry about a photo booth rental. Our photobooths for hire at Lavish Photo Booths in Melbourne are exquisite and exceptional. We have different types of photo booths and an interesting collection of backdrop choices, props and most importantly, a fun and helpful attendant. Our premium photo booths hire in Melbourne promises to add spice to your event.

How Would a Photo Booth Rental Add Spice to Your Event?

Technology exists to make life easier and especially in regards to cameras, it has not stopped advancing. There are different types of photo booths around now, each new model with advanced areas. No matter which one of the several types you opt for, you’d be rest assured to get ease and simplicity.

Photo booths add spice to your events by just being there, no matter what the theme of the event is, everyone wants to have pictures of a fun time. Coupled with the cool backdrops, interesting props and being at ease in the booth, you have yourself the perfect fun time pictures.

In recent times, almost every event has a photo booth rental. Their rapidly growing popularity is not at all surprising. Photo booths make it easier to capture fleeting moments and give instant gratification with the immediate photo prints. At our photo booth hire in Melbourne, we have many impressive add-ons to offer. Such that having a photo booth rental at your event can easily slide in for the best party gift.

Initially, it can be a bit awkward to have your pictures taken but the great thing about photo booths is that they strip inhibitions away faster. And soon enough everybody is relaxed and having fun. This way it’s easier to make friends, hiring a photo booth rental can very well help like minds to find themselves. Nothing gets people together faster than a shared experience.

As previously mentioned, pictures are a great way to capture lasting memories. But all of these may not be achieved if the proper amount of thought and detailing is not put into your photo booth rental. So, it is important to choose the right photo booth hire in Melbourne.

Choosing the Right Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne

When looking for a photo booth hire in Melbourne, there are certain things you need to consider. This is because you need to choose the right photo booth for your event.

The first thing you want to map out is your budget because the amount of money you have to spend is important. You should always have a specific amount or range of dollars in mind before picking out a photo booth rental. Lavish Photo Booth hire in Melbourne with exquisite backdrops and fun props are one of the best photo booth companies around. They are also budget friendly. You should keep in mind that a low budget can prevent you from getting high quality photo booth rentals. Cheap is not always better.

It might seem kind of obvious but not all photo booths are suitable for all occasions. Some backdrops and props might not seem so appropriate for an otherwise classy event. So, in choosing the photo booth rental, make sure it is tailor made to suit the occasion.

Everything should be considered, be it night time or day time, corporate or casual, if it is a themed party or not. Photo booth rental companies usually have many different features to offer that will align with the theme of your event. But always ask if there are additional fees so that the final quote doesn’t put your expenses way over budget.

You should always hire a professional phone booth company. This is because your event is important and you need the right company for the job. You will also get the best photo booths with the latest technologies and better equipment.

In addition, accidents happen, you never know when something could go wrong. Which is why you should hire a professional photo booth company that has insurance. There’s always a possibility of things going south, you should ensure you’re in safe hands.

Always consider how much space you have before proceeding with a photo booth rental. The venue is important in getting the perfect photo booth for your event. In that vein, make sure you have adequate information on how the props and equipment will be handled. Don’t forget to ask what type of camera they use. You should also consider the options of the photo booth hire in terms of digital and or printed photos.

At Lavish photo booth hire in Melbourne we take adequate care of our equipment and don’t re-use our props. We also have an attendant that will help out and stand in with back up equipment in case anything goes wrong. We have the latest technology, high resolution photos and depending on your choice of photo booth, digital and print files.

In choosing the right photo booth rental, the guests that will be attending the event should also be considered. You need to keep in mind the calibre of guests and the experience you are aiming for, it will help to eliminate unsuitable choices right away. For example, if your guests consist of a diverse age group, you could go for something traditional that puts the older ones at ease and is relatable to the younger ones.

The whole idea of a photo booth is so that everyone can feel involved and have a good time. So, when you’re looking for a photo booth hire in Melbourne, you should think about the target audience and ensure that it is the right photo booth.

You can check out the photo booth rental company online to see their reviews and try to gauge if you can work with them. Check legitimate directories, ask family and friends to be sure of their experiences in working with the photo booth hire. It’s probably not best to hire a photo booth rental that nobody’s heard of.

In conversation with them, you can also ask for a preview of their setup photos. You don’t want a sourly attendant to ruin the fun at your event and you most definitely do not want a hideous photo booth at your event. So, take your time to ask all of the questions and get concrete answers.


There you have it, the complete breakdown of how and why to choose photo booths for your events. If you would like to contact us for a

in Melbourne or if you want to learn more about photo booths, we at Lavish Photo Booths are ready to help.

Halloween is an exciting and fun holiday. Contrary to popular opinion, the day is not only all about the kids. Although it would be pretty strange for an adult to go trick or treating, it doesn’t mean we can’t dress-up and have fun too.

It might seem like a weird holiday for adults to get so involved and invested in but everybody loves Halloween. The idea of experiencing a good scare without fear of any real danger is thrilling. The food, the candy, the themes and the added incentive of dressing up as whatever you like just ties the entire day up in a pretty, red shiny bow.

What better way to enjoy Halloween than to throw your own party? There is no “one size fits all” approach to a Halloween party. You can spook it up, style it down or settle in-between for a stylishly spooky Halloween party. And the one fun part is the event photography.

The best way to utilize your Halloween event photography is to use a photo booth. The photo booth puts guests at ease faster, enabling them to take fun pictures and it’s less work for you. Even better, you don’t have to worry about going through all the effort to secure a photo booth for your event. That’s something we’re perfectly suited to take care of here at Lavish Photo Booths.

In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about setting up your Halloween party and making the best use of photo booths for a memorable party.

Setting Up Your Halloween Party

Human beings like to socialize, deep down, everyone wants somebody that can relate to them. The photo booth creates an environment where this can occur. So, in hosting a neat Halloween party, all you need is a photo booth to take things up to the next level.

Photo booths are awesome and if you want, they can be the centerpiece of your event. Apart from your photo booth, there are other things to consider and put in place before preparing to host your Halloween party.

Your Guest List

Halloween parties can get really spooky with a cauldron, skeleton hands and fog machines everywhere, you don’t want to traumatize the kids. So, before you start thinking size or type of photo booth, you need to know exactly who your guests are. Is it an adult only event? Will kids be allowed?

Once you have the exact age range, every other planning becomes significantly easier. If it turns out to be an all age party, a wider variety of props will be called for. You will need to tone down the spooky but not too much, it is Halloween after all.

You could use brighter colours in the décor and theme of your photo booth. The photo booth should have uncomplicated but high-profile technology. If children are on your guest list, you would want to keep it playful and fun. Over all, make sure the event photography is anchored by a provider of photo booth hire Melbourne families would go for.

Your Theme

The theme of the party starts from your invite. Before sending out any invite or doing anything at all, hash it out on the drawing board. Do you want it to be fun and casual? Scary and intense? Spooky or light hearted? It’s up to you to decide and when you do, you’re well on your way.

Everything in the event should radiate your theme; from your invite to the food, décor, music, and of course your event photography – the photo booth. You can go with plain or patterned colours, or light spooky.  You can also go with carved pumpkins at the entrance of the photo booth. You could incorporate a jack-in-the-box kind of prop and set it to go off at the exact time the shutter clicks. The pictures will make for a good laugh.

The possibilities are not in any way limited, you just need to pick one or two. Whatever you decide, make sure you have it in specific terms and relay it to event photography partners.

Your Timing

Start your planning on time. It is crucial that you have sufficient time to plan every single detail. If you leave your planning to the last minute, you’d be rushed and hurried. Not only is that unattractive, it gets to you and may ruin your party mood, leaving you cranky and exhausted.

If you start planning from now, its not too early. You’ll have more time to browse and pick what truly catches your eye, you won’t just be grabbing. You’ll also have enough time to check out best deals for your event photography.

The best photo booth hire Melbourne event planners go for is Lavish Photo Booths. We have impressive deals and a wide range of photo booths to choose from. There is the option of digital and or print photos, add-ons, custom designed photo strips, photo signing and stamping and many more.

Starting early gives you an edge over all the holiday shoppers. You could even consider hosting the party a week or two before the holiday. That way your party could usher in the holiday. Don’t send invites late, remember timing is crucial.

Your Backup

Not asking for help is the quickest way to sink. The planning and executing of a party can be overwhelming. To help feel sane, talk to a couple of people you know you can rely on, don’t try to do everything yourself.

You should try to start prepping for the event about five to six hours before it actually starts. Take everything into considering, do last minute checks. Its okay to assign some parts of the party to someone else. This way you’re more relaxed to enjoy all your hard work.

In conversations about your event photography, you should rest assured that everything will go smoothly. At Lavish Photo Booths, we take our clients very seriously and we do our best to ensure that you have a hitch free event. Our photo booth hire Melbourne events always have a friendly and helpful assistant on ground. We will come in a full hour before the event and set up the photo booth so that people can begin to create fun memories as soon as they walk in.


If you keep these tips in mind, you are well on your way to hosting a stress-free stylishly spooky Halloween party. If you have questions, if you’d like to know more or if you want to book a photo booth hire Melbourne residents can depend on, you can reach out to us at Lavish Photo Booths.

Providing photo booth hire Melbourne residents depend on, Lavish Photo Booths has been in business for over half a decade. We are one of the best photo booth hire Melbourne event planners go for due to our impressive reputation with our clients. We deliver high resolution photos and are equipped with the latest technologies. With our remarkable collection of props, we will handle your event photography and ensure your guest have loads of fun.

Our Black Curtain Enclosed Booth at a Wedding in Crown Towers

Planning any event can feel positively terrifying, and this can be even more so when it's a formal event.

This is because formal events tend to be a hit or miss. When executed right, they’re elegant and memorable. But get something (or a few things) wrong and the event may turn out dreary, or worse.

Being stuck with an event that falls into the latter category is every event planner's nightmare. That's why a lot of work and consideration goes into planning these events.

While hosting a formal event can be tricky, there are certain essentials that will always add life and colour to your event. Photography is always great, no matter what event you're planning, and adding a photo booth is even better.

If you've been wondering how to light up your formal events, then you'll find that including a photo booth or two can be just the spark you're looking for. Here's why photo booths are fantastic for formal events.

Photography Affords Immortality

Our Retro Booth at a Birthday Event at Longrain

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever”. Karl Lagerfield.

Every event is one of its kind; distinct. Two bouquet dinners can never have the same series of events, even if they’re both intended to be so.

Look at the old photographs your mother or grandmother has around. All these framed ancient memories carry volumes. I have a few around too. One is of my mom’s graduation from primary school. They posed so stiff and formal back then.

It sure is different from how we take photos today. I personally would rather be immortalized smiling in many pictures.

Wedding, as an example of a formal event, marks a major milestone in the lives of the apex celebrants of the event -- the bride and the groom. They would want thousands of photos to hold that memory long enough for their children, and possibly their grandchildren, to see.

Images don’t age or warp. A smile in a photo taken in the early 90’s will continue to be a smile one hundred years later.

At weddings, many well-wishers and family members would love to have photos from the occasion. Are you an event planner? Are you geared up to take all the heat from displeasing all these folks?

An estimated 116,000 weddings take place in Australia every year. Can you imagine that? On average, the total number of pictures taken of a bride on her wedding day adds up to a staggering 3,000. Fascinating.

Going forward, formal events usually have to do with meeting new people and making new acquaintances. Pictures serve to store these nascent relationships in the immortal property of its two chief components. Light and Time.

It Never Gets Boring to Take Photos

One major concern of event planners is to keep the guests fascinated throughout the event. The human mind however, is a tough dough to knead. To keep guests interested, you have to put interesting gear in place.

Event guests, by and large, love photo booths. Having photo booths here and there will completely do away with the probability that your events will get unexciting.

Photo booths appeal to everyone. You’d occasionally catch glimpses of couples stealing away to take pictures at weddings. Love in the air, families posing old-school styles for family portraits.

Formal occasions commonly comprise Tuxedoes and ball gowns. Someone once said “you just have to look good in a tailor-fitted Tux”. Same goes for a fitted ball gown. I, personally, am not one to throw away that elegance. I must take pictures, lots of them.

As an added benefit, photo booths also come in the closed booth variation. Having curtains to allow for privacy. This especially appeals to shy people and lovers. When the red velvety curtains are drawn, confidence is boosted, intimacy is triggered.

While this idea of photo booths is nothing groundbreaking, it has been proven to spice up any event. Formal and informal alike.

Cash in on people’s penchant for taking pictures and make your event a memorable one for them with this simple idea.

In addition, dozens of props and photo filters will complement a magnificent photo booth. These will add up to loads of excitement for your guests. Works like a charm.

The fact that photo booths print photos right away doesn’t mean that there is any compromise in quality. They come with high-tech photography equipment and a user-friendly interface for picture perfect shots. They more often than not come with friendly staff to lend a hand to first-time users.

Hosting a formal occasion in Melbourne? Book your grand photo booths with one of the best in Melbourne. Get the best. It’s what you deserve. You can also get in touch with Will Chen on 0488-050-799.

It’s an Event Necessity

It’s not just fantastic to have photo booths at formal events, it’s essential.

What is it about formal events that make having photo booths on hand a necessity?

Events, in general, bring about a unique collection of people and activities in a single venue. Talk about prominent guests, showcases, distinctive happenings such as awards, ribbon cuttings and so on. Pictures serve to remind those who attended what the experience was like. It also serves to show those who weren’t able to be there, what they missed.

Attendees are often in a festive or expectant mood and are dressed more formally or even in more fun outfits. Pictures would really be of the essence to them in events like that. It’s usually worth remembering.

Sharing these moments notifies those that missed it and emphasizes the significance of the event. A high quality image will make your press release more appealing in several media settings. Pictures boost viewership and preservation of significance in just about all media and marketing platforms.

Photography is more than a documentation process, it is more. It is an art form and should be treated with the same respect as painting, sculpture, and the other well known art forms. Make that event get it’s due regard and esteem with first-class photographs.

Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Our Crystal Booth at a Corporate Party in Hopscotch, Melbourne

Lavish Photo Booths is your best ‘pick of the litter’ to capture these spurs-of-the-moments. Providing you with high definition photos and over 60 props to pick and choose from to make that photo fabulous.

Do you want the fun, open booths? Or you’d prefer the closed, curtained ones? Maybe even a mixture of both? We have the right solution for you. Perhaps you might even need some help making a choice on which is best for your event. You can always call for consultation. Will is right here for you.

Remember, Photographs are immortal, make your events even so.  It also never gets uninteresting to take photographs. Thrill your guests  through every event with magnificent photo booths.

Contact us today and book your top-drawer photo booth hire Melbourne businesses trust and depend on. 


That’s right people, Lavish Photo Booths, the premium supplier of photo booth hire in Melbourne, has just launched a new photo booth, aka the Retro Air Booth. The latest addition to our premium photo booth range is the perfect blend of old (appearance) and new (modern-day technology integration). The booth is all set to be booked and begin its journey of creating memorable experiences for clients and cater to a key need of the photo booth market – a small booth for small venues. Weighing only 14kg and highly mobile, this Retro Air Booth is super adaptable to any event space. Unlike our other booths, our Retro Air Booth is also the first booth to come with interchangeable color shells that can be personalized for individual events so that it fits your theme and becomes an impressive showstopper amongst guests. It’s a wonderful new addition and we encourage all looking for photo booth rental in Melbourne, to hire it now!

A Little Bit More About Our Retro Air Booth

The Retro Air Booth is a super advantageous addition to all events. It offers the perfect solution for clients who are looking for a feature-packed booth (like our mirror booths) for a significantly lower price. Thanks to the impeccable technology and top-class software, the Retro Air Booth encompasses numerous on-screen interactive features. These include animations, emojis, filters, gifs and videos; all great ways to improve and enhance your selfies. It also includes social media integration allowing for quick email sends of your selfies, allowing you to quickly upload them onto your social media accounts.

The booth also uses a premium-quality camera that consistently provides people with high resolution images. Moreover, the incorporation of professional lighting in the booth means it can be placed in any setting - including in spaces where natural lighting is poor - because it will still take clear and HD images.

Given that this booth is smaller and more compact than our other booths, it is consequently our most ambulant booth and, therefore, that can be easily moved around if need be (especially in instances of poor lighting, inconvenience, better setting, etc.). This way, our attendants can ensure that clients receive the best experience with their photo booth hire in Melbourne, in every way.

Much of the stress and worry is eradicated with the simple existence of our Retro Air Booth. Yet, despite its superiority in value propositions that it offers clients, the price of this booth is the same as our lowest-priced booth: the Open Booth, which provides only a backdrop and a free standing kiosk with no interactive screen. Prices for the Retro Air start at just $499 (excluding GST).

This booth is hirable with our popular Lavish Party Package. It comes with unlimited digital and print files, a customized photo strip catering to your preferences, 60+ props options and your choice of backdrop from a selection of 60+. Once you have booked in our booth you can step and relax until the day of your event. As soon as we receive your booking confirmation, we handle everything. From organizing our designer to create a photo strip the way you want it, to collaborating with the venue to organize the logistics of the event so we can be there in time – we take care of it all. We, also, always send out one our fine and exceptionally talented attendants. They make sure you enjoy your event by looking after the booth including setting it up, assisting with booth sessions and conducting after-party pack up. It’s why we’re known as the best, and are the first choice for clients during the process of photo booth rental in Melbourne.

Our Retro Air Booth works wonderfully at weddings and birthday events. It excels in vintage-themed settings but is just as powerful and appealing in all other settings and events. Its simple, open-air design gives it a classy appearance that intrigues guests and results in constant use during events. The booth can be hired with foliage, fabric, or a designed backdrop.

Exemplary selfies of people in groups of 6 to 8 people can be taken by this the Retro Air Booth. Yet, it also has enough space to take quality images of up to 15 people at close-range. Therefore, the Retro Air Booth incentivizes togetherness and connectivity and facilitates new bonds through its function of taking fun and silly, but celebratory clicks. These are then further enhanced by its on-screen features and diverse prop range too.

There’s not much else to say. This booth is the leading choice for photo booth rental in Melbourne.


Book Now!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of this feature-packed, cheaply priced, photo booth. Relive the past whilst embracing the future by choosing Retro Air Booth for your event when proceeding with photo booth hire in Melbourne. Enquire here.

Photo booths are a must have at events. The joy, celebration, and carefree excitement they encourage guests to feel is considerable. Photo booths give guests control of their photographic experience – they may pose as they wish, use whichever props they desire and can take as many photos as they want. All whilst sharing the space and taking pictures with likeminded individuals. Essentially, the presence of photo booths at events empowers individuals. It allows them the freedom and free reign to have a good time to their accord, even when they do not know anyone else at the event.

As a premium service provider of photo booth hire in Melbourne, Lavish Photo Booths is the perfect one-stop solution for your upcoming occasions. We provide an array of high-end photographic services through our offers of quality photo booths and packages, high resolution prints and modern-day technology integration. The value provided by all our photo booths in Melbourne is second-to-none. Yet, our latest product addition: the Magic Ring photo booth, presents value and exhilaration at a superior level – for all clients and guests.

The Magic Ring is the newest photo booth in Melbourne. This creation satisfies modern-day photo booth needs through refined relevancy. Circular-shaped, futuristic frames and a classy LED light surrounding the screen perimeter is what makes the Magic Ring booth a visual delight. Yet, the advantages go much beyond this. The booth can accommodate large groups of users per session and is packed with unlimited features. These include on-screen animations, filters and emojis that enhance every selfie taken. Moreover, this ultra-modern booth is a perfect treat for millennials and post-millennials. Thanks to its new social media integration, users have the option to email their selfies and gifs to themselves. This way, whatever has been captured on the booth can now be uploaded directly on social media platforms to share with friends and family.

The opulence of our Magic Ring photo booth and its ability to leave guests in total awe cannot be surpassed by any other booth. The aesthetic appeal and features it contains have not been seen in a booth before – especially not in Melbourne. This makes Lavish Photo Booths the leading and forward-thinking photo booth suppliers. We are your go to! The Magic Ring photo booth has yet to fail in impressing guests and given its newness plus relative scarcity in availability, it is an ideal way to get guests talking about your event for many years to come. Basically, the easiest way to dazzle your guests at a party is by booking our Magic Ring photo booth rental in Melbourne.

Not only is the Magic Ring a good-looking, fast-working and HD selfie-taking photo booth, but it also comes alongside high-value packages and add-on options. It is popularly sold with the deluxe package, which comes with unlimited photo prints (digital and tangible), a backdrop selection from 60+ choices, a customized photo strip and another 60+ props to amplify your selfies. For a slightly higher price, you can also purchase the Magic Ring with the ultimate Lavish experience package. This package incorporates bollards and a red-carpet to enhance the grandeur of both the Magic Ring and the event. The Lavish experience package also includes a leather album, where hosts can add copies of each printed photo strip in, to collect and keep safe. It is a viable way to recollect on the good times and happy memories that were facilitated by the Magic Ring during the special occasion.

All-in-all, the Magic Ring is our greatest show-stopping photo booth, that intrigues all and can be utilized in multiple ways. As hosts, know that our Magic Ring booth will offer a worthwhile experience to all your guests with the potential to transform your event into a fully upscaled, fun occasion. If the complexity of the design and function of the Magic Ring seems too daunting, we rest assure you there is nothing to worry about. Every time our photo booth is booked in for an event, we send with it a top-class attendant who has the expertise to install, run and pack-up the photo booth. Any queries or feature preferences you and your guests have on the day, just convey them to our attendant and they will guide or assist you through them. Thus, once you book a photo booth in Melbourne, the only thing you must worry about it what pose to make and which prop/s to use when it’s your turn in front of the screen. We will take care of everything else!

The Magic Ring photo booth complements every type of event possible and can be easily adjusted to provide tailored solutions for each individual event. This makes the booth a top choice for photo booth hire in Melbourne. Lavish Photo Booths takes pride in its efforts to personalize every host’s experience with us, and the Magic Ring helps facilitate this effort. It has the glitz and glam that makes it a perfect fit in weddings, especially given its neutral tone which helps it blend into every theme. The feature-packed element and social media integration has also turned the booth into an ultimate client favourite for birthday parties, school forms and even bar mitzvahs. Additionally, its classy and clean-cut aesthetic with sharp and sleek lighting also makes the Magic Ring booth thrive during corporate events as these are the more formal settings. The LED feature has made the booth one of our most compatible photo booths on offer. Unlike others, the Magic Ring booth is not dependent upon lighting and is thereby highly suited for evening and night-time events.

Our Magic Ring is a revolutionary photo booth invention that has transformed the position and elevated the appeal of events with its presence. It is now your best bet to ensure your occasion remains special, fun, and forever memorable.

Planning a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or some other event? Tell us when and where, and we will be there alongside our Magic Ring booth. At Lavish Photo Booths, we are dedicated to making our clients’ events successful and the Magic Ring photo booth has always helped us achieve this!

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On the Friday evening of April 30, 2021 Lavish Photo Booths was fortunate enough to be part of the wedding celebrations for Mr and Mrs Lacobaccio. In one of the most romantic unions we have seen, this couple showcased their genuine love for each other, and it radiated through to their 100+ guests. It is safe to say that love was very much in the air that night – we felt it too!

The night could not have been more perfect for the Lacobaccios, who finally managed to have their dream wedding after needing to postpone it the year before due to COVID-19 complexities. To capitalise on their second chance at this wedding, Mr & Mrs Lacobaccio decided to indulge by hiring Lavish Photo Booths in order to obtain the most luxurious photo booth in Melbourne – the Crystal Booth. As a premium supplier of photo booths in Melbourne, we were honoured to be involved in the celebrations with our suave Crystal Booth.

In hours that we were there – between 7pm to 11pm – we were completely in awe of how beautifully the already spectacular venue: Carousel - Albert Park Lake, was decorated for the occasion. The neutral tones, dazzling lighting and incredible floral plus crystal décor worked very well together, creating a radiant atmosphere. This made the night even more special for Mr & Mrs Lacobaccio. A huge shout out to the event planner/s and venue organisers for ensuring everything was planned and prepared well in advance. It allowed the couple to have a seamlessly relaxed and loved-up night.

Our set up for Mr & Mrs Lacobaccio's wedding at Carousel

Carousel – Albert Park Lake, itself, is already a gorgeous location and a Melbournian favourite as a wedding location (we can see why). The location offers breathtaking scenic views of not only the lake and surrounding greenery but also of the city skyline. Moreover, the venue’s interior design is equally exceptional. The most notable highlight are the chandeliers in the function room which, in all their glory, can amplify every wedding theme. No wonder this wedding turned out so amazingly and our Crystal Booth certainly fit in well with this superior venue.

Overall, the wedding was a superbly glorious affair, further enhanced by Lavish Photo Booths’ Crystal Booth. As Mr & Mrs Locabaccio decided to obtain the ultimate photo booth experience, they were joyfully provided with an addition of a red-carpet and bollards to illuminate elegance from the Crystal Booth which then transcended to the entire wedding.

Our Crystal Booth was a massive hit with the Lacobaccios and the guests. As much as weddings are great, they can be at risk of becoming too formal and serious. Luckily for this wedding, the Crystal Booth provided the right level of informal entertainment and fun for all. With the provision of a stunning baby pink, heart-patterned backdrop and an array of exciting props, guests certainly had the time of their lives.  As a modern-day photo booth, the Crystal Booth also offered the predominantly millennial crowd with some amazing on-screen animations and filters to elevate their selfies, which were then printed out in HD quality photo strips (plenty for everyone!). Our two personable attendants were also highly praised for their friendliness and willingness to assist guests so that everyone had the best experience at the booth. It is safe to say, therefore, that the Lacobaccios wedding and our Crystal Booth were equally big successes that night.

Mr & Mrs Lacobaccio’s wedding will inevitably be talked about for many years to come – as will our exemplary Crystal Booth. If you, too, are looking to add value to your wedding by giving guests an opportunity to have fun, then do look at photo booth hire in Melbourne. Better that, for premium-level wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne, look no further than Lavish Photo Booths. We are the best in the business, and you can be sure that we will offer you and your guests an unfathomable good time.

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Whether you are interested in booking with us or not, please check into some of the top advantages that you can get from our photo booth company. These are a few of the top ways that we separate ourselves from some of the competition in the market today:

Using professional cameras:

The cameras that we use are significantly better than some of the older forms of photo technology that can be commonly found in many photo booths in Melbourne. Currently we are using Canon DSLR 700D’s. This is available in every photo booth that we run, 5 in total. This camera is one of the most advanced on the market today with its DIGIC five image processor, advanced image sensor as well as the Canon quality lens. What this camera can deliver is an intensely high-quality professional grade photo that we can inspect on our LCD touchscreen with every image we take. The 18 megapixel shooting resolution ensures that we can capture images in RAW format and create an image quality that is easily one of the best from any type of Photo Booth technology that you could have experienced before. By making sure that we are only using high-quality cameras in every photo booth hire, we can produce images that are perfect for use with your social media account, for sharing albums later and more.

Tangible copies and a diverse portfolio:

We are proud to say that we’ve been apart of over 400 events since our inception back in 2014. We can easily mail you some of the printed copies from our photo booths from clients that have agreed to let us use their work for portfolio content. Better yet, you can also feel free to make an appointment with us and “trial before you hire” with us. You can check out our online portfolio of digital prints so that you can inspect some of the quality of our work and check into the types of props that we have on offer as part of our Photo Booth as well. By checking into some of our candour book copies of previous work you can get a full representation of what you can expect out of the image quality that we provide with every client we work with.

Proper lighting/flash:

We use only high-end studio lighting as well as proper flash that is set up for your venue with our photo booth hire. Part of the reasons why we ask for setup time with any venue is to make sure that we can capture the best possible images of your event. No matter what the venue is, we want to make sure that we can arrive early and get the lighting perfect for any type of event that you have planned. By making sure that we are only using professional lighting tools and ensuring that we are setting up the flash for the ideal settings in your venue, we can produce the best quality results even in low light venues like throughout a dance or in a wedding reception hall.

Crystal-clear photos:

As well as using a high-quality camera you can be absolutely sure that you’re getting access to crystal-clear photos that are coming from our cameras. We want to deliver a 100% money back guarantee on all of the photos that we offer. If for some reason they are not clear or you are unsatisfied with the photos that we take at your venue, we will provide our clients with a 100% money back guarantee with our services. We want to make sure that our clients can be extremely happy with our work and with the quality of photos that we take. We make sure that we can tailor our experiences to our customers needs and that the quality of the photos we produce will also be to their specifications.

We want to offer a large booth experience:

Traditional style Photo Booths may only fit three or four people at a time. Sometimes a maximum of 5 if you’re lucky. With our photo booth hire we can frame up to eight people at a time comfortably or even squeeze in as many as 15 or 20 if you would like to really get into the booth closely. We do have some very large group shots that we have produced inside the Photo Booth but in most cases we can easily accommodate 6 to 8 people or even just a few at a time. This type of large frame Photo Booth service can be especially helpful during wedding receptions, birthdays and more. We can figure entire large family into a single shot including cousins, relatives, brothers, sisters and more. This is a fun and creative way that you can unite together even more people for your event in the Photobooth and it’s a fantastic way to you can be more creative with some of your guests.

Proper backdrops:

We want to accommodate the needs of almost any type of venue and ensure that we are using the best quality backdrops for all of our customers. By using quality backdrops and keeping a focus on quality in our images, we can help to make sure that every customer can be satisfied with their image quality. Using a proper backdrop that has not been afraid or used extensively gives us the chance to produce a look that is much closer to what you would get inside a controlled studio. Our curtains are always neatly and professionally draped and you don’t have to worry about the photos captured being off centered or anything like that. This often leads to people looking their best and having a greater contrast and lighting effect in all of your photos.

Our props are of high quality:

One of the biggest problems that you could face is with props from a photo booth hire. A number of companies have been using the same props for years and they often use only paper stock props as part of their photo booth hire. We are constantly on the hunt for brand-new props that we can bring to events and we generally bring along a number of very large storage containers including 50 to 60 different props for every event. The props that we take out for our photo booth hire are designed to last and we want to make sure that they can help us through a number of events and then be retired after two months. By regularly keeping new props in stock, we make sure that they look awesome and photos and that there is a wide selection for guests that are coming in and seeing us again. If you book us for the same corporate event two years in a row there’s a good chance that were going to show up with entirely new types of props and guaranteed brand-new pieces so that they can look the best in photos. We regularly stock new props like wigs, hats, face masks, a number of high-end signs and funny items as well as many different classes and face props. We want to give you plenty of options for custom items in your photos and make sure that everything you handle is going to be high-quality. The average person uses the photo booth at least 2-3 times with the handful at least 20-30 times. You can be sure to have funny priceless memories in various different costumes and outfits!

Our booths are touchscreen & easy to use:

There’s no need for us to be on site or to have an official photo booth attendant in order to use our booths. We do recommend having an attendant present just to help make sure the experience is fun and helpful for everything although a photo booth attendant is not mandatory. Our booths are entirely automated and you can set up an automatic timer as well as have access to touch green controls which can keep the booth easy-to-use for people of all ages. We want to make sure that getting in our booths can be a very helpful experience that is a lot of fun. We have people from almost every generation try our booths at weddings and most people can figure out how to set them up and use them in a matter of moments. The creativity and options that people pick from just amaze us with every event!

We have fantastic testimonials:

Many of our customers have taken the chance to review our services on our Facebook page, on Easy Weddings, on Yelp and on Google. We love hearing our client feedback because it helps us to grow as a company and improve our services. Throughout the 400+ events that we have had pleasure of being involved in, we have mostly seen very favorable reviews about out services. If you want to ask some more in-depth questions from some of our previous customers we would be happy to pass along some of our most recent client contact information so that you can have a better peace of mind about our service.

If you would like to learn more about our Photo Booth hire Melbourne service and how we could be a good fit for your next event, then please contact us today. For further peace of mind and one less thing to worry about for your special day, why not come in and trial our booths today.

Thank you for having us in your home!

We don’t often have the chance to get involved with smaller and intimate size weddings within our business. It was so nice to be invited into our clients home for this Modern and contemporary wedding. This wedding event took place on the 30th of December and we felt absolutely privileged to be available.

With around 100 people in attendance, many of the bride’s family had come in from interstate with most of the attendees being local friends. This was a very supportive environment with many of the people in the room close friends and family. It felt like a very special and exclusive wedding. Many of the couple’s friends were in attendance and the vast majority of the people attending were in their 30s.

This was a beautiful party that the bride put on in her home. Coordinating here was actually very easy and the bride handled almost every process of planning with your family letting us in on the day of the ceremony. We had plenty of time to set up and they had cleared the perfect Photo Booth alongside room for a dance floor inside.

There was plenty of food on hand as well and throughout each aspect of the ceremonies there was a fair amount of fresh fruit, fresh salads and food offerings that we were invited to try. Everything we had was absolutely delicious and extremely fresh.  Being invited into the bride’s home was a special privilege to begin with. Sharing this unique and modern cultural experience with the happy couple and their family only added to the wonder of the event.

The Photo Booth was quite busy throughout the entire evening at this fairly intimate and modern ceremony. Many people came to the Photo Booth to capture some fun images with the bride and groom. At one time there was a bit of a lineup for everyone to get photos done with the bride and her dress. With so many local friends and such a beautiful setup, the home was transformed for this special day.

The couple also hired a professional photographer to capture every element of the ceremony and to take candid shots of people at the reception. Working together with this photographer was a lot of fun as we were able to use some of the props from the Photo Booth and work with each other to make sure the entire event was captured well. Everyone truly looked their best for the photos in the booth and for some of the candid shots that were captured throughout the day.

We just want to thank you all for having us and making us a part of your ceremony. Your home was such a welcoming place and we had plenty of room for our Photo Booth throughout the day. The spot you cleared for us was perfect and it was nice and simple to get the lighting just right for the booth. Getting everything ready and taking it down was a very simple experience and it was all thanks to the upfront planning that you did!

Thanks again for a fun day right before New Year’s Eve!

We are extremely proud to be included with the celebration of Nathan’s 30th birthday as a birthday photo booth hire in Brighton. We were lucky to work with Nathan’s girlfriend Melva to organize the entire event for nearly 60 people. Melva wanted the data be extremely special for her boyfriend and we worked over several months planning out a party for all of Nathan’s close friends and family.

On the day of the event we coordinated almost every aspect of the party from the DJ, to the food, to the Photobooth in Brighton and even opening up in decorating the event space. This was going to be an unforgettable day for Nathan and the excitement was definitely in the air as soon as we got the space all set up.

Melva planned out everything from the decor to the food and we worked to assist with vendors that could get the job done as well as coordinate the day so that it took off without a hitch. Melva outlined a list of items that she wanted included that she thought that Nathan would really enjoy and we went to from there suggesting the best contractors from our list. Of course our quality photobooth hire in Brighton would cover the whole event. We loved working with the Bakers as well as a close family member to handle the process of arranging food for this event.

The food at this event was something that is well worth mentioning Melva mentioned that Nathan had a real sweet tooth and with a huge selection of macaroons and homemade delicious cupcakes, there was plenty of great treats to get into set up at the snacks table. Nathan’s close family member was able to create a huge range of cupcakes making sure that everyone was satisfied with a huge selection of dessert choices. We have actually never seen so many different types of cupcakes all in one place and our event coordinators were loving some of the flavor creations that were available as were the guests.

Most of the attendees of this event were in the high 20s and low 30s with almost every one of Nathan’s close friends and family in attendance. We helped with picking a few people up from the airport as well as coordinating transportation on the day of the event to make sure that everyone could enjoy themselves.

There were huge number of activities available apart from the deserts and getting everyone organized in the same space for the surprise birthday party. We helped to source a DJ so that the entire event could turn into a big dance party for Nathan. The DJ brought in his own sound equipment and a few lights to really transform the entire place into a club environment. Even though the space was a bar to begin with, we really help to transform the inside of it and play music that make them really loved.

Apart from the DJ there was also a lavish photo booth hire set up for guests to enjoy. We handled the setup for the full photobooth hire in Brighton. As soon as the club party popped off there were a number of people that made her way over to the photo booth to start taking some photos to really treasure the night. Nathan got into the photo booth with just about everyone at the party to take birthday photos with some of his favorite people. The photo booth and all of the props led to a fun activity for many people who were attending and the lavish photo booth connection to social media made sure that the party was trending for all of Nathan’s friends.

The photo booth also solve the problem of getting a professional photographer for the event. If people wanted to get great photos taken on professional equipment they could just go over to the photo booth and enjoy putting together some fun compilations throughout the night.

The venue we were very impressed with through the party as well. The main area for this party was The Deck in Brighton which is a club and lounge generally frequented on weekends. Nathan of the party booked out a section of the bar for the event and got their own private DJ and snack booth for the event. We managed to fit everything into the event space as well as coordinate with the space owner to make sure that the process of set up and tear down was easy for us and everyone involved. It even featured wonderful lighting for the Brighton Photobooth setup we had to offer.

The club owner also didn’t seem to mind with the DJ was playing and there were plenty of great deep house tracks as well as some early house hits from the 1990s up to the 2000s. It was a real throwback party and Nathan absolutely love the music because it was some of his favorite growing up. It was almost like a bit of a time warp helping Nathan to remember some of his teen years as well as his early 20s. We are so glad that we were able to source a DJ and a space that could really transform the night into a nice remembering of Nathan growing up.

We want to really thank everyone involved with the process of organizing this event including our staff members who help to make sure that the entire evening was a real success. Melva and Nathan seemed to have an excellent time and we are also glad that we were able to have fun at this event with you. You really made us feel like family and we would be happy to return for Nathan’s next birthday as well!