Bar Mitzvahs

A Bar Mitzvah is one of the most important moments in the life of a family. A true celebration, and coronation. Because of this, it is important to make sure that the the Bar Mitzvah you are planning is well documented, whether by a photographer alone, or also with a videographer. However, with hiring Melbourne’s best photo booth, you will be adding one more dimension of documentation to the fold, and one that will ensure lots of fun, silly, and exciting photo opportunities.

By hiring a photo booth, you are making sure that all of the fun, and exciting energy that is present at Bar Mitzvahs will be captured, and channelled into making lasting memories.  

capture youthful spontaneity

Even if you have a photographer circulating the room taking planned photos, and even some organic shots of people mingling, you will be missing out on one of the most important scenes at a Bar Mitzvah, which is the youthful exuberance and spontaneous nature of youth. A photo booth is one of the best ways to unleash a near endless creative possibilities that come from a room full of friends, family, and loved ones celebrating. With the many, many photo design options, as well as props available with a hired photo booth in Melbourne, your guests will be able to capture their spontaneous and creative ways and have the memories for a long time to come. 


user-friendly fun with no pressure

When hiring a photo booth in Melbourne, there is no worry about some of those in attendance not being able to use the technology, or that they will be intimidated by the booths, because they are completely user-friendly.

With touch-screen controls, and live video (so you can see the photo you are about to take,) these photo booths make it easy for everyone at your Bar Mitzvah to have fun taking the group shots, silly selfies, or other fun photos that they want.

With a photo booth, you are also putting no pressure on your guests. Because your friends and family members in attendance will not have to feel like they are constantly being documented, they can relax and have a lot of fun. And, when they are having fun, it will more likely lead to them feeling confident and wanting to jump into the photo booth to take pictures of their own.


add a memorable touch to the bar mitzvah

Party favours are a great touch of class for any gathering of friends and family, but a lot of those thoughtful gifts simply turn into things after a little bit of time has passed. However, by hiring a Melbourne photo booth, you will be able to send your guests away with a much more useful favour: Shareable memories.

Photo booths allow you to print the photos on-site, or have them sent to your e-mail or social media network, making them the perfect parting gift.  



stay social with your memories

While printed photos are a great way to keep memories, there is no denying that a lot of our interactions these days come via social media and other online functions (such as e-mail.) Because of this, Melbourne’s best photo booth not only allows for high-res pictures to be printed on site for instant gratification, but these photos can also be shipped to your e-mail, or various other social media platforms in order to be shared with the rest of your social network at a moments notice.

So, whether you want to have your spontaneous, and silly photos printed in your hand as you leave, or waiting in your inbox to be posted with all the appropriate hashtags at a later date, hiring a photo booth is your best bet.