bucks parties

A Buck party might not be the best place for a photographer. However, it is one of the best places to take full-advantage of one of Melbourne’s best photo booths. These photo booths are perfect for unleashing you and your friend’s creativity in order to create special memories. 

Keep Memories You Might Forget

Sure, there might be some that say there should be no photos at a Buck party, and this might be true when it comes to hiring a photographer. However, hiring a photo booth in Melbourne is one of the best ways to make sure that the memories made during the Buck party last thanks to printable, and social media shareable photos.

With plenty of props, and easy-to-use technology available, photo booths are one of the best ways to harness the pure madness, and silliness that comes to light during Buck parties. Capture you and your mates at their best with Melbourne’s best photo booths.  

Add a Memorable Touch

Because the photo booths allow for you to print your favourite photos on-site, as well as send all of the photos to your e-mail, or to your desired social media site in order to be posted at a later date, it is one of the best ways to make sure that you and everyone attending your Buck party can share the memories.

Because hiring a photo booth in Melbourne is able to provide you and your friends with instant gratification, you will be able to keep posting updates of your party on social media with your desired hashtags, and allowing others to see your creative, and spontaneous compositions.  


Zero Pressure on Your Party 

While you would not want a photographer prowling around your buck party snapping photos, there is a good chance you will want some photographic memories of your time spent with friends and loved ones.

This is where hiring a photo booth comes in handy. With a hired photo booth you will be putting zero pressure on your Buck party guests to feel like they are being documented. By taking the pressure off of your guests, those who do not want their photo taken can relax and have fun knowing it they will not have it taken. However, this also lets people feel more comfortable, and – eventually – more willing to dig through the prop chest and start taking photos.

Because a lot of these photo booths have displays that show you the photo that is going to be taken, you and your friends can compose your perfect group shot and create fun memories of what is sure to be a fun night. 



give your event a memorable touch

A Buck party having plenty of fun and spontaneous moments may not be the most difficult thing in the world to imagine, it is even easier to see how adding one of Melbourne’s best photo booths to the mix would be able to add to the fun and spontaneity.

Thanks to the plethora of props available, as well as many different photo designs and compositions, hiring a photo booth for your Melbourne Buck party is one of the best ways to make sure you and your guests have a great time, and are able to keep these memories. What makes a photo booth such a great asset to any Buck party is that fact that they are incredibly user-friendly, meaning anyone will be able to make the most out of the booth. With touch-screen controls, wireless camera remotes, and network access capable of sending your photos to your e-mail, or social media pipelines, as well as printing them on-site to keep.