Engagement Party

When you get engaged, your life changes pretty rapidly. Because this is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life, it is important to take the time to celebrate it: This is where engagement parties come into play.
While the spirit of an engagement party is to get some family members, friends, and loved ones together to celebrate you as a couple, you can add a touch of silliness and fun to the occasion by hiring a Melbourne based photo booth. 


Add a Memorable Touch to Your Party

Everybody loves party favours. But, inevitably, that vase, or mason jar, or whatever is going to become junk and get tossed away. That is just the sad nature of “stuff.” So, when you are inviting some friends, family and loved ones to come and celebrate your engagement, why not add a memorable touch by offering a party favour with a personal touch: Photos!

When you hire a photo booth, you are giving your guests the gift of having printable, as well as downloadable memories that they can post, share, and even frame.

Thanks to on-site printing, and instant posting to social media thanks to network connectivity, a photo booth adds that spontaneous, fun and – most importantly – personal touch to any engagement party, or gathering.

Add Some Spontaneity to Your Engagement Party

Without the hassle that comes with having a professional photographer floating around the room at your gathering, you can really feel the vibe in the room open up as no one if afraid to let loose and be themselves. When the time comes that some of your friends want to check out the photo booth, they can cut loose and dig into the plethora of props and have some spontaneous fun making engagement party memories that will last a lifetime (both in memory, and on social media!)

Making the decision to hire a photo booth in Melbourne could be the best decision you can make to encourage your guests to be themselves, and make sure you are able to capture all of those little spontaneous moments that come when friends get together and have fun.    

No Pressure, User-Friendly Fun 

Nothing sucks the fun out of a room like having a piece of technology that is intimidating. The pressure and stress some people feel when it comes to not being sure how to use this object that is supposed to bring fun to a party can ruin things. Luckily, with Melbourne’s best photo booth hire, this is not a fear at all.

Photo booths are simple to use, and very user friendly and intuitive. But, perhaps most importantly, they are also a great way to encourage some pressure-free fun at any occasion. There is no need to fear about a photographer capturing an “in the moment” photo that could be unflattering, because you can preview the shots, make use of silly, fun props, and use the booth on your own time and by your own prerogative.


Get High-Tech While Staying Social

While renting a photo booth with one of Melbourne’s most reputable names in portable, social photo booth fun is a great way to gift your engagement party guests with hard copies of their memories thanks to the industry standard printers, you can also allow your friends to share their memories on all of their social media pipelines thanks to instant network access available with the photo booths.

The photo booths are stocked with professional-quality DSLR cameras, as well as many props, lighting options, and everything else that is needed to have a great time at your engagement party, and share all of your silly, spontaneous, and fun memories.