Your Hen party is going to be a fantastic time, this much is true. It is going to be a fantastic time that you and your friends will remember for a long time. However, you can help enhance this moment in your life by investing in a few things that will help breath an extra bit of life into the party: A photo booth.

A photo booth hire for a Hens party in Melbourne is quick, easy, and one of the best ways to make sure you and your friends have plenty of shared memories to look back on and cherish.  

Encourage Silliness Among Friends

Hiring a photo booth in Melbourne for your Hen party is one of the best ways to make sure that the fun times are properly documented, as well as encouraged. Thanks to the nearly endless supply of creative jumping-off points provided by the props, photo designs, and touch-screen controls.

While having a photographer at your Hen Party might not be the most popular idea, you know that everyone will be taking photos with their phones the whole time, so you might as well allow for the photos that are going to be taken to be creative and fun thanks to all of the options.



user-friendly fun

Working with a photo booth might sound intimidating to some, but a photobooth hire is one of the least intimidating things you can do. Because the popularity of photo booths has skyrocketed, they have become terribly easy to use, meaning anyone can make use of the booth and create their own fun, and creative photos. Hiring a photo booth also comes with helpful service, in case anything needs troubleshooting. 


NO pressure to partake

While a lot of the people at your hen party will probably be in the mood to let loose and have a lot of fun, there are going to be some that just rather not have their photo taken while doing so, and when you hire a photo booth in Melbourne you will be able to make sure that both sides of the party are able to have a blast.

Because of the photo booths nature, people who do not want to have their photo taken can rest assured that they will not have their photo snapped by a photographer prowling the crowd. While all of those looking to cut loose and have some fun can do so with the large amount of props, and photo designs.



add a modern-classic touch

Searching the web you will find a lot of ideas for favours to give your guests at the end of a hen party. However, one of the best gifts you can truly give to your friends, family and loved ones is a lot of good memories. While there is no doubt that you will make a lot of good memories during your hen party, there is one sure fire way to make sure they are not only not forgotten, but able to be shared with others: Hiring Melbourne’s best photo booth. With a photo booth you will be able to provide your guests with a fun activity that allows them to show off their spontaneous, and creative sides, while also allowing them to have memories that can be printed right on site, or sent off to their e-mail, or social media accounts.

Because of the touch-screen displays, you are able to see the photo you are going to take before pulling the trigger. With this added to the fact that your photos can be sent to you, as well as printed right on-site means you and your guests get the instant gratification that we crave in today’s social media-friendly world.