Lavish Booths
Open Booths

It’s suitable for product launches, school functions, birthdays and corporate events. This open booth package includes no backdrop, the booth is perfectly positioned against a wall with professional camera as well as a series of props and other creative tools. This booth is best designed for around 6-8 people at a time but you can often squeeze in 12 to 15 for a close shot. It’s really ideal for events at small venues. 


Curtain Booths

The booths with curtains are ideal for birthdays, engagement parties, corporate events, hens parties, weddings and more. The curtain adds an extra level of privacy throughout the event and curtain colours can come in black, white or red to suit your theme. This style of Photo Booth is perfect for making sure people can really let their creative side shine inside the privacy of the Photo Booth hire. It can comfortably fit around 6-8 people in the shot.



The Lavish Experience

This package is designed with a complete star-studded experience. This remains the most popular package because it’s perfect for weddings, birthdays and high profile parties. With a complete red carpet experience including ropes and bollards, you can feel as though you are at a big film premiere! A must for all Hollywood themed parties in Melbourne! Ideally this Photo Booth can comfortably fit between 6-8 people and the red carpet makes line ups easy. 



We’re about quality

The difference in quality is quite apparent when you start to compare our photo booths with others you may have tried in the past. Rather than having a cheap, shopping centre style booth our photo booths are quite large with strong, high quality materials used. Our booths can fit between 6-8 people comfortably to a maximum of 12 people if you are interested in really squishing into the shot. 
As well as including high-quality materials in the construction of the booths, we want to make sure that the entire experience is easy-to-use and framed for our clients and guests professionally. We have 18 megapixel DSLR cameras in every booth as well as professional superbright LED flashes. All of our printers are using photo strip paper which is made by Mitsubishi for a better quality photo with every shot. Double copies of every picture are printed out in less than 10 seconds from the photobooth for the best in convenience. 

Using the Photo Booth is easy once it’s set up with four different options for frames on a touchscreen interface which is fully automated. You can select printing options for every shot as well and change the colors to several formats including black and white, sepia tone and more. 

Experience the difference that a Photo Booth can provide and contact us today!