Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

Awping Vines Enterprises PTY LTD trading as Lavish Photo Booths and any employees. Our client: The person, company or other body, which is hiring the goods as, specified on the booking form. Event date: The time and date of the event noted on the booking form confirmed by Lavish Photo Booths. Booking form: The form filled out and signed by or on behalf of our client and stating the details of the booking. Day: The calendar day. Booking

2. Confirmation

2.1. A booking is only confirmed once the client has paid the costs as outlined under “payments”, when the client returns the book form and once the client receives confirmation of the booking from Lavish Photo Booths. 

3. Payments

3.1. As of 2020 Lavish Photo Booths will require full payment within 7 days of booking to secure the date. 

3.2. A full refund will be issued if cancellation is requested 30 days prior to event, any cancellations after is non-refundable but will be credited. Credits may be transferred.

3.3. The booking maybe cancelled by Lavish Photo Booths if payment is not received within 7 days or as per discussed and arranged prior.

3.4. If the client requests to use the services of Lavish Photo Booths in excess of the time detailed on the booking form, this will be billed at $200 for each additional hour or part-hour for standard booths and $350 for Crystal, Magic Ring and Social Booths.

4. Access, space & power requirements 

4.1. The client must ensure a safe and appropriate environment is provided for Lavish Photo Booths to operate its equipment. 

4.2. The client must ensure: a space of 4m x 4m or more, access to 240v power within 10m of Lavish Photo Booth’s equipment, all doorways and access paths are at least 80cms wide. If it is an outdoor event, an undercover area is a must, in case of poor weather. 

4.3. Our client is responsible for any charges imposed by the venue. These charges may include, but are not limited to, parking and electricity. 

5. Changes & Cancellations

5.1 If changes are requested in regards to the event date, Lavish Photo Booths must be notified 30 days before the original event date. The date change is subject to availability and receipt of a new booking form. 

5.2 A full refund will be issued if cancellation is requested 30 days prior to event, any cancellations after is non-refundable but will be credited. Credits may be transferred.

5.3 If a cancellation is made within 30 days of the event date, the client will forfeit all payments made to Lavish Photo Booths. 

5.4 Lavish Photo Booths has the right to cancel any booking at any time. In this case, all payments will be refunded to the client. 

6. Damage to Equipment

6.1 In order to protect damage to equipment, Lavish Photo Booths reserves the right to deny service to any person. 

6.2 If unfortunate circumstances arise such as a threat or implied threat or harm, damage or violence to Lavish Photo Booth’s staff or equipment, Lavish Photo Booths reserves the right to cease providing services. If our client is able to resolve the threatening matter within 20 minutes, Lavish Photo Booths will resume services. If client is unable to resolve the matter, Lavish Photo Booths will terminate providing a service, and the client will receive no refund of booking cost. 

6.3 Any damage to Lavish Photo Booths equipment during the client’s event caused by the client or any guest or person in attendance at the event whether invited or not, will result in the cost to repair/replace the equipment to be deduced from the client. The client is to cover all costs if damages incurred. 

7. Use of Images

7.1 The clients gives Lavish Photo Booths permission for all photos taken during the event to be used on Lavish Photo Booths website and promotional media.

8. Indemnification

8.1 For any circumstances out of their control, Lavish Photo Booths will not be held responsible. This includes, but is not limited to fire, accidents, civil commotion, and acts of nature and equipment failure. If such circumstances arise, all reasonable efforts will be made by Lavish Photo Booths to provide service or find a suitable replacement service. If this is not possible, the client will be issued with a refund of all payments received by Lavish Photo Booths for the booking. 

8.2 In all circumstances, the client agrees that Lavish Photo Booths liability is limited to an amount equal to the booking cost and not to liable for indirect or consequential damages. 

9. All booking over 4 hours should provide meals for your attendant (please contact us if you are unable and we will make arrangements)

10. All Children under the age of 10 years must have parental supervision when entering Lavish Photo Booths. 

11. All clients will receive a digital copy of their event photos just before our booth attendant packs up. Clients must provide a USB with a minimum of 2gb free. If client has forgotten their USB then Lavish Photo Booths have USB’s for sale on the day/night for the cost of $20. An invoice will be emailed. If the USB has been forgotten and client is not willing to purchase a USB from Lavish Photo Booths, then it is not our responsibility for buying and posting a USB post event. (It’s not about the money, it’s about the time. Please understand)