The moment you get engaged is a magical moment. It is one you will remember for the rest of your life: So full of happiness, and joy. However, shortly thereafter you will start to realise that (no matter how big or small your wedding is going to be) there is a lot of stressful things that come along with planning a wedding.

One of the most stressful things you need to take care of when planning a wedding is making sure you have the right photographer, and even videographer. This is because you will want to make sure that the memories of your big day last forever. While a good photographer will make sure to capture you and your wedding party in all of your bliss and glory, there is a lot said for capturing your family and friends that are not in the wedding party, too.

Luckily for those getting married in Melbourne, you have the wonderful option of hiring Melbourne’s best photo booth company to help capture, and even encourage, all of the good times.




Make (and keep) Wedding Day Memories

While your photographer will make sure that there are wonderful photos of the bride and groom, hiring a photo booth for your wedding is a great way to make sure that all of your guests get into the mood to party during cocktail hour – and beyond.

With Melbourne’s best photo booth, you and your guests will have lots of props, and generated backgrounds to choose from in order to create photos – and memories – that are truly individualised and fun.

With touchscreen previews, you and your guests can see what your shots are going to look like before you take the photo, and have them printed out instantly. This means everyone can make sure there are only photos taken from their best side.

Do Away with Prim, and Proper Poses

No one liked class photo day, so why would you want your guest and loved ones to suffer through a photographer trying to pose them – “Look up here. Move over to your left … over … too far.” With a photo booth hire, you are making sure to add a jolt of spontaneity to your big day (where it belongs, at the reception!)

While it is true that a photo booth rental might not be the best for the only camera at your wedding, having one definitely encourages guests to kick back, and cut loose during the cocktail hour, and during after dinner dancing. A photo booth at your wedding is a streamline of creativity, and spontaneity right to your guests, allowing them to cut loose and show off some of their own personality, all while having fun and celebrating your love – or at least an open bar.  

Capture your special day
In a special way

It’s cheaper than you think…

User-Friendly Fun

While the idea of having some high-tech gadgets at your wedding may seem intimidating, we promise that even grandma will be able to take full advantage of the fun that hiring a photo booth can create. With simple, touch screen set ups, you will not have to worry about anyone at your wedding not being able to get the silly photo they want.  


High-tech and social

Melbourne’s best photo booths come with professional-quality cameras, as well as lighting, props, and industry standard printers to allow you and your guests to keep hard copies of your silly, lovely, and hilarious memories. However, when you hire a photo booth, we know that you still live in a social media influenced world, so a lot of the booths have network connections which allow you and your guests to instantly upload your shots to your social media pipelines.