Why us
We’re Party People

We started our business after a poor experience at one of my birthday parties. It was my grand idea to have everyone taking photos so that I could remember the day. Not only had I spent an extensive amount of time with grabbing fun props, setting up backgrounds and more throughout the party but I was really excited for the collages that I could make afterwards. 


Bring back the quality

Photo quality became a huge issue after the party mania my guests were only using smart phones and as a result many of the photos were dark, blurry and unusable. A good number of my guests only captured candid shots away from the backdrops and without using the props. The photos were one but they could have been much more professional with group photos. 


We do it better

That’s what brought me back to the idea of the Photo Booth. I remember going with my friends to get a group shot down in the Photo Booth many years ago. I figure that there would be other people interested in getting quality through photos, family photos and professional looking party photos through a rental of one of these booths.


Do it in style

The problem with one of the traditional style Photo Booths is that they are small and they can’t accommodate many people. With the help of our Photo Booth Hire which can extend out to 2 to 3 sizes larger than a traditional shopping centre Photo Booth, you can capture fun group shots.
With room for comfortably 6-8 people or even 12 to 15 friends in one shot, you can finally have the party images and event images that you may want to hold onto.

There’s no need to worry about photos being blurry, a lack of professional background or a lack of fun. With our Photo Booth Hire we can really capture your party and give you scrapbook worthy images or social media event images that will really get people talking about your event!