No matter the age, no matter the crowd, no matter the theme, the presence of a photo booth makes any birthday a better occasion.
Whether it is a birthday party for a younger child, a teenager, or even a happy 70th, hiring Melbourne’s best photo booth can help kick the family-friends, all-ages fun into the next gear, as well as provide a fantastic way to document the event, and make sure the memories are able to be shared for a long time to come.

Perfect for any theme, or birthday event, photo booths can add flair to any birthday celebration.


Spontaneity and Fun

Having a photo booth at your birthday celebration is the perfect way to invite spontaneous acts of fun and creativity into your event. Whether there is a theme, or not, the possibilities, when it comes to your hired photo booth, are virtually limitless. Great family fun for people of all-ages, hiring a photo booth in Melbourne can help you capture some of the most fun moments of the birthday celebrations.

While a professional photographer can still add a huge benefit to a birthday celebration, capturing intimate, and big moments (like the cake cutting,) hiring a photo booth can help those in attendance show off their silly, creative, and fun side by composing their very own photos, collages, and memories.


User-Friendly for All Ages

There is no need to limit hiring a photo booth to only birthday celebrations of a certain age, or technical ability, because these booths are so simple and intuitive to use that any one (of all ages and technical know-how) can not only use them, but create wonderfully fun, and fantastic photos using them.

With simple touch-screen displays and on-site printing, the photo booth is so simple to use, it is appropriate for birthday celebrations of any age range. However, for those who are still worried about being able to get the most out of the booth, there is also service available for troubleshooting and fixing any issues.


Fun for Those Who Want It

One of the main benefits of a photo booth hire is the fact that is it not intimidating, and is able to only be used by those who want to use it. This means that anyone who is uncomfortable with their photo being taken, or does not feel like they are going to have their best side shown do not have to worry about randomly having a picture snapped of them. While, on the other hand, those who want to use the booth and have their photo taken have free range to be as creative, silly and wild as they want to be.
The good thing about having this distinction is that when they do not have pressure put on them, a lot of people will come around to joining in on the fun that hiring a photo booth can bring.



Printed On-Site, Posted Online

While hiring a photo booth in Melbourne is the perfect way to make sure that those attending the birthday celebration walk away with a beautiful, high-resolution copy of their photo, the modern machines also provide you with a digital copy of the creations perfect for posting on social media.

A Classic Touch  

Parting favours have been a touchstone of birthdays for ages, and this is no different today. Hiring a photo booth is a great way to provide those attending the birthday celebration with a party favour that will not just get tucked away on a shelf somewhere once they get home. Printed photos, as well as digital photos sent straight to their e-mail, people will have a memento of all of the fun they had at the celebration, as well as a reminder of how fun and creative their friends are.