School functions can be a tricky thing to organise because you have to make sure that your event is loaded with lots of family-friendly activities that are perfect for all ages.
While this may seem like a challenging thing to come up with, do not worry. Hiring a photo booth in Melbourne for you school event is guaranteed to be a hit with people of all ages, and is perfect family-friendly fun.  


Channel Student Energy

When planning a school function you know you will have to find something that will harness the rambunctious energy of the students – no matter what the age. While this may seem like a difficult task, a photo booth hire in Melbourne might be one of the best ways to make sure that the function is good, family-friendly fun for students and parents of all ages.

Because photo booths help harness creativity, they can lead to silly and spontaneous fun at student functions. Whether you are dealing with younger children, or more mature students, hiring a photo booth is an excellent way to harness the student’s energy into something fun, and memorable.


Accessible for All Ages

At first glance it may seem like hiring photo booths for your Melbourne area school function might leave some at the function unable to partake in the fun, however, this is far from the truth.

While these photo booths are a lot more high-tech than the ones that used to frequent fairs way back when, that does not mean that they are more difficult to use, too. In fact, just the opposite is true. When you hire a photo booth you are getting a piece of technology that can easily be used by people of all ages, and technical know-how. With touch-screen displays, and photo previews, anyone can make a perfectly composed photo, in a group, or on their own.


Add a memorable flare

While your school function may have a few takeaways (prizes, etc.) there is just something about having photographs. For as long as technology has been around, photographs have been the standard bearer for memories, and it has perhaps never been more prevalent than it is now in the age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By hiring a photo booth you are giving your guests the gift of photos printed right on-site, as well as ones sent to their e-mail so that they can be put on social media sites, as well as kept in digital form.   



Printed On-Site, Posted Online

When throwing a student function you will find that there are a lot of guests that are just looking to have a good time, and these students will have no worries jumping into the fun of a photo booth; they will thrive on the spontaneous, and creative fun that can be had with them. However, there will be some that are going to be shy of having their photo taken, and this is where hiring a photo booth can benefit your Melbourne student function.
Students who are hesitant to have their photos taken may not feel comfortable with a photographer walking around and catching them off guard with a snap.However, once those people settle in and see how the photo booth works, even they might be tempted to try their hand at the fun.

Make it a social event

With photo booths you are able to print your photos right away, but you are also able to have them sent to your e-mail which allows you to post them on social media site. This means you are able to encourage those attending your student function to post their silly photo booth photos using a specific hashtag, or promotional tool.