Charity Events

When you are organising a charity event there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. One of these things that sometimes does not get as much attention as it needs is making sure that all of your guests are entertained and having fun.

One of the best ways to make sure people are having a fun time at your charity event is to hire Melbourne’s best photo booth. 

Reward Charitable Attitudes with Fun

When hosting a charity event it makes sense to have a photographer around in order to snap some shots that can be used for marketing or promotional work later. However, relying solely on a photographer is asking to miss some big opportunities for fun and excitement.

Hiring a photo booth in Melbourne is one of the best ways to turn your charity event up a notch because it provides those gathering with a way to cut loose, be spontaneous and have fun, all while also giving them a little something to bring home, or post on social media in order to mark the day. 

Thanks to on-site printing, and instant posting to social media thanks to network connectivity, a photo booth adds that spontaneous, fun and – most importantly – personal touch to any engagement party, or gathering.


everyone can do it

You may be hesitant to hire a photo booth for your Melbourne-based charity event because it might not be accessible for everyone there. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Fortunately, photo booths may seem high-tech, but you do not have to be tech savvy to take full advantage of them. With touch-screen displays, and wireless camera triggers, it is so easy to compose and shoot the perfect group shot, or stunning selfie. As well, there is plenty of helpful services available in case anything needs to be troubleshooted. 



non-intimidating fun

Your charity event is going to be full of people looking to kick-back and have some fun, and these people with gravitate to the photo booth right away. However, hiring Melbourne’s best photo booth is also the right call for those attending who might be a little more shy. These are the people who might be intimidated by a photographer walking around and taking photos of your event because they are not sure how they will look in the shot, or various other reasons.

With a photo booth, these people can warm up to the idea that you can see the photo you are going to take as you compose it, and you are only on camera when you want to be (perfect for making sure you only get shot from your good side!) When people can use the photo booth by their own prerogative they are much more likely to partake and have a blast with it.  



give your event a memorable touch

Hiring a photo booth for you charity event is the perfect way to make sure that those coming to your charity event can walk away with tokens of their time spent there, as well as many fun memories.

Because photo booths have on-site printing, people can instantly have a copy of their silly selfie, or group shot. However, with a network connection photo booths can also send your photos to your e-mail, perfect for posting your fun memories on social media sites. This works out exceptionally well if your charity event is taking advantage of social media sites, hashtags, and even geotags.  

High-quality, custom prints

With on-site printing, as well as the ability to custom design your prints, it is easy to see why this old-school idea has made such a resurgence in our social media obsessed, instant gratification society. Having a physical copy of your photos to take home with you, as well as a copy sent to your e-mail, guests of you charity event will love their high-quality memento.