Anytime you have a gathering of friends and family for a celebration, there is bound to be plenty of moments that you will wish to remember. While it may not sound like the traditional thing to do, hiring Melbourne’s best photo booth for a Christening can have a tremendous emotional payoff.

 Christenings are very important moments in a family’s life, and while a lot of the occasion is serious and business-like, the reception afterwards is full of fun, and excitement. Whenever you, your family, and your loved ones get together there is bound to be moments you will want to keep forever, and hiring a photo booth in Melbourne is one of the best ways to ensure that these memories are captured in a fun, and exciting manner.

Be Spontaneous and Fun

It is true that you may not immediately think of hiring a professional photographer to cover a Christening, there is no doubt that you will want to keep a lot of these memories and even be able to share them with friends and family members who were not able to attend. Hiring a photo booth in Melbourne is a great way to not only gather these keepsakes, but make sure that they are done in a fun, and spontaneous manner.

While Christenings are rigid in their formality, the reception afterwards can benefit from the nearly limitless creative possibilities that a photo booth provides. Bask in the selfie-obsessed culture, and make sure everyone not only has a great, but has memories they can keep, too. 

No Fuss, User-Friendly Tech

You may be worried about hiring Melbourne’s best photo booth because you will have older family members and close family friends at the Christening who may not be too tech savvy. However, there is no fear when it comes to anybody learning how to operate these photo booths.

Keeping up with the needs of all of our customers, we offer no fuss, user-friendly technology with our booths, such as touch-screen menus, wireless remotes for the camera, as well as friendly service to help troubleshoot any issues. 


Pressure Free Pleasure for all your Guests

Even during a christening you know a lot of your guests just want to relax, socialise, and have some fun during the reception. Because of this, the presence of a photographer circulating around the room can cause friends and family to be intimidated, and worried about not being captured on their good side, or looking awkward.

Luckily, with a photo booth hired in Melbourne, your guests are given a pressure free way to enjoy themselves, and still get the beautiful, silly, and memorable photos that they desire – and with much better quality that from the phone of your aunt. When your friends or family members are ready to have their photo taken, all they need to do is step up to the booth, and create their very own scene – making sure their good side is exposed, of course.  



Instant Gratification and Long Lasting Memories

We are surrounded by many, many pieces of technology that help us connect, communicate, and live more freely and quickly. Because of this, there is little patience for waiting around for things. Luckily, with Melbourne’s best photo booth you and the guests at the christening will be able to have your high-resolution photos taken and printed instantly, as well as sent off to your preferred social media pipelines, or e-mail.

These photos can be custom designed and delivered to you instantly, which is a lot better than hiring a photographer and waiting anywhere up to six months to get these photos back.