Corporate Creativity: 6 Ways to Thrill Your Guests at a Corporate Event

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Flash! Handshakes, smiles. Flash. The order that is ever to be found in a gathering of entrepreneurs. It is always relaxing to be in these events.

Hardly is any credit remitted to the remarkable skills of the events planner.

Planning corporate events can be a challenging job. It always requires endless creativity to give life to professional events and spice up the experience for your guests. Not to mention the time and budget constraints.

Part of the charm of event planning is the uncertainty and how it pushes you to invest in creativity.

A recent survey shows that over 5,200 meetings are held every day by the event industry. This means there are about 1.9 million gatherings throughout the year. This is applicable in almost every country around the world.

Event planners have their hands full round the clock.

Keeping your guests fascinated is the life of any party. However, just like writers and other artists have a block, event planners too occasionally wind up in blind alleys.

The dynamics of human attention can be demanding to keep in check. But with these six tips to enlivening corporate events, you'll find interesting ways to keep your guests thrilled all the way through.

Grand Entrance

The beginning of any event is the entrance. Welcoming guests to a corporate event with a unique entrance or red carpet is like making a good impression on your first day at work. A grand entrance will thrill the visitors up to the end of the event.

You should aim to make your guests say things like: “Oh, they installed sleep neon lights at the reception area”. “They used amazing ideas to make the place look totally different.” “They used exquisite balloon arc decors.” “The welcome staff were all dressed up to look like Elvis Presley.”

The dreamlike entrance creates suspense to the guests as they can only imagine what awaits them inside. Long hallways of great artwork will electrify the guests for the event. Majestic lightings on hallways will also give the guests an intimate effect.

To spice things up even more ensure elegant lounges greet the guests at the end of the hallways. For instance, the dream lounge could treat guests to a big bed. While the bohemian lounge would be fitted with a hookah vibe having low seats for cosy conversations.

Photo Booths for Corporate Events

Photographs capture the life of any moment. Images do not age or warp. And they capture more than just the faces and cute dresses.

Photographs capture feelings, relationships and, if you look closely enough, thoughts.

Corporate events create avenues for building and rejuvenating strong relationships. A simple photograph will store these memories for life.

Guests generally love photo booths. Having photo booths around will completely rule out the chances of your events getting boring.

When nothing serious is going on, your guests will be busy taking fun photos.

Even shy people will find a lot of comfort when the curtains are drawn in an enclosed booth. Open booths offer the option of group photos.

A grand photo booth will come with scores of props and photo filters. These will spell lots of excitement for your guests. The fact that photo booths print photos instantly doesn’t mean that there is any compromise in quality.

They come with state-of-the-art photography equipment and user-friendly interface for the perfect shots. Having a corporate event in Melbourne? Book your awesome photo booths Melbourne event planners depend on here. You can also contact us at 0488-050-799.

Live Performance

While this idea is nothing trailblazing, live performances are a tried and true source of corporate entertainment. Who doesn’t love good music? Or who doesn’t appreciate an awesome work of art created before their very eyes?

Big names can spark a buzz.

However it isn’t easy to find excellent entertainment that doesn’t break the budget. Contemplate local bands or even your attendees themselves.

Doesn’t a karaoke sound perfect?

Adding a live artist to your event can add a memorable touch. It could include caricatures, silhouettes or paintings, depending on the type of corporate event. This would be an amazing recall for your guests.

Perhaps they could even auction to buy the paintings afterwards.

Spice up With Food Stations

We don’t know about you, but food always presents itself to us with delicious delight. Keep everyone’s enthusiasm and energy up by offering a distinctive food experience.

Wouldn’t it be so much fun if there is some sort of food station in every corporate event? Munching on a tasty bite while listening to interesting talks sounds like an amazing idea, doesn’t it?

Bonus tip: Involve Instagram-worthy food stands to spark off the growth of your event’s social media mentions too. You could have cheese and cold cuts stations, sushi bars and so on.

Mix Your Drink

Food and drinks are an inseparable pair. Your favorite drink always goes hand in hand with an amazing meal.

However, you have to make it more interesting than the cliché bars at regular events.

Bring in a mixology expert to teach attendees how to mix up their favorite drinks. And they will try out new cocktails and they could even find a new favorite. This would be great, paired with a happy hour following. Where attendees get to network and mingle.

This would be a great team building exercise for organization staff and even other invited guests. People naturally bond when they discover they share common interests.

Puppy Play Pen

When it’s down to conjuring up innovative ways to relieve stress, the answer may be man’s best friend. A survey carried out in Australia in 2016 showed that there were more than 24 million pets in Australia. About 61% of Australian households have pets at home, and 40% of households in Australia own dogs.

Wouldn’t it be stimulating to have these amazing creatures present at your event? It could be an after event or recess activity for guests to hold them. They could even gather round to discuss their fascination with these creatures.

You could even chip in more furry animals like cats for your guests’ delight. Puppy play pens are catching on as a key solution for attendee engagement.

Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Whatever your pick for your events spice-up is, a first-class photograph to capture the essence is always a necessity.

Your guests would love to have pictures of them holding the adorable puppies. They would want to have pictures of themselves with the celebrity live performers. And they definitely wouldn’t want the experience of tasting amazing food combos to exist only in their heads.

They would want pictures, lots of pictures.

Lavish Photo Booths is your best pick to capture these spurs-of-the-moments. Providing you with high resolution photos and over 60 props to make that photo brilliant.

Contact us today and book your choice photo booths. Whether you want the fun, open booths or the closed, curtained ones, we have the right solution for you.