Mohamad & Donia’s Wedding – December 31, 2017

sweet ice cream photography hKlFYAOeg unsplash

Thank you for having us in your home!

We don’t often have the chance to get involved with smaller and intimate size weddings within our business. It was so nice to be invited into our clients home for this Modern and contemporary wedding. This wedding event took place on the 30th of December and we felt absolutely privileged to be available.

With around 100 people in attendance, many of the bride’s family had come in from interstate with most of the attendees being local friends. This was a very supportive environment with many of the people in the room close friends and family. It felt like a very special and exclusive wedding. Many of the couple’s friends were in attendance and the vast majority of the people attending were in their 30s.

This was a beautiful party that the bride put on in her home. Coordinating here was actually very easy and the bride handled almost every process of planning with your family letting us in on the day of the ceremony. We had plenty of time to set up and they had cleared the perfect Photo Booth alongside room for a dance floor inside.

There was plenty of food on hand as well and throughout each aspect of the ceremonies there was a fair amount of fresh fruit, fresh salads and food offerings that we were invited to try. Everything we had was absolutely delicious and extremely fresh.  Being invited into the bride’s home was a special privilege to begin with. Sharing this unique and modern cultural experience with the happy couple and their family only added to the wonder of the event.

The Photo Booth was quite busy throughout the entire evening at this fairly intimate and modern ceremony. Many people came to the Photo Booth to capture some fun images with the bride and groom. At one time there was a bit of a lineup for everyone to get photos done with the bride and her dress. With so many local friends and such a beautiful setup, the home was transformed for this special day.

The couple also hired a professional photographer to capture every element of the ceremony and to take candid shots of people at the reception. Working together with this photographer was a lot of fun as we were able to use some of the props from the Photo Booth and work with each other to make sure the entire event was captured well. Everyone truly looked their best for the photos in the booth and for some of the candid shots that were captured throughout the day.

We just want to thank you all for having us and making us a part of your ceremony. Your home was such a welcoming place and we had plenty of room for our Photo Booth throughout the day. The spot you cleared for us was perfect and it was nice and simple to get the lighting just right for the booth. Getting everything ready and taking it down was a very simple experience and it was all thanks to the upfront planning that you did!

Thanks again for a fun day right before New Year’s Eve!