The 9 Must Haves When Selecting The Right Photo Booth To Avoid Any Regrets:

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Whether you are interested in booking with us or not, please check into some of the top advantages that you can get from our photo booth company. These are a few of the top ways that we separate ourselves from some of the competition in the market today:

Using professional cameras:

The cameras that we use are significantly better than some of the older forms of photo technology that can be commonly found in many photo booths in Melbourne. Currently we are using Canon DSLR 700D’s. This is available in every photo booth that we run, 5 in total. This camera is one of the most advanced on the market today with its DIGIC five image processor, advanced image sensor as well as the Canon quality lens. What this camera can deliver is an intensely high-quality professional grade photo that we can inspect on our LCD touchscreen with every image we take. The 18 megapixel shooting resolution ensures that we can capture images in RAW format and create an image quality that is easily one of the best from any type of Photo Booth technology that you could have experienced before. By making sure that we are only using high-quality cameras in every photo booth hire, we can produce images that are perfect for use with your social media account, for sharing albums later and more.

Tangible copies and a diverse portfolio:

We are proud to say that we’ve been apart of over 400 events since our inception back in 2014. We can easily mail you some of the printed copies from our photo booths from clients that have agreed to let us use their work for portfolio content. Better yet, you can also feel free to make an appointment with us and “trial before you hire” with us. You can check out our online portfolio of digital prints so that you can inspect some of the quality of our work and check into the types of props that we have on offer as part of our Photo Booth as well. By checking into some of our candour book copies of previous work you can get a full representation of what you can expect out of the image quality that we provide with every client we work with.

Proper lighting/flash:

We use only high-end studio lighting as well as proper flash that is set up for your venue with our photo booth hire. Part of the reasons why we ask for setup time with any venue is to make sure that we can capture the best possible images of your event. No matter what the venue is, we want to make sure that we can arrive early and get the lighting perfect for any type of event that you have planned. By making sure that we are only using professional lighting tools and ensuring that we are setting up the flash for the ideal settings in your venue, we can produce the best quality results even in low light venues like throughout a dance or in a wedding reception hall.

Crystal-clear photos:

As well as using a high-quality camera you can be absolutely sure that you’re getting access to crystal-clear photos that are coming from our cameras. We want to deliver a 100% money back guarantee on all of the photos that we offer. If for some reason they are not clear or you are unsatisfied with the photos that we take at your venue, we will provide our clients with a 100% money back guarantee with our services. We want to make sure that our clients can be extremely happy with our work and with the quality of photos that we take. We make sure that we can tailor our experiences to our customers needs and that the quality of the photos we produce will also be to their specifications.

We want to offer a large booth experience:

Traditional style Photo Booths may only fit three or four people at a time. Sometimes a maximum of 5 if you’re lucky. With our photo booth hire we can frame up to eight people at a time comfortably or even squeeze in as many as 15 or 20 if you would like to really get into the booth closely. We do have some very large group shots that we have produced inside the Photo Booth but in most cases we can easily accommodate 6 to 8 people or even just a few at a time. This type of large frame Photo Booth service can be especially helpful during wedding receptions, birthdays and more. We can figure entire large family into a single shot including cousins, relatives, brothers, sisters and more. This is a fun and creative way that you can unite together even more people for your event in the Photobooth and it’s a fantastic way to you can be more creative with some of your guests.

Proper backdrops:

We want to accommodate the needs of almost any type of venue and ensure that we are using the best quality backdrops for all of our customers. By using quality backdrops and keeping a focus on quality in our images, we can help to make sure that every customer can be satisfied with their image quality. Using a proper backdrop that has not been afraid or used extensively gives us the chance to produce a look that is much closer to what you would get inside a controlled studio. Our curtains are always neatly and professionally draped and you don’t have to worry about the photos captured being off centered or anything like that. This often leads to people looking their best and having a greater contrast and lighting effect in all of your photos.

Our props are of high quality:

One of the biggest problems that you could face is with props from a photo booth hire. A number of companies have been using the same props for years and they often use only paper stock props as part of their photo booth hire. We are constantly on the hunt for brand-new props that we can bring to events and we generally bring along a number of very large storage containers including 50 to 60 different props for every event. The props that we take out for our photo booth hire are designed to last and we want to make sure that they can help us through a number of events and then be retired after two months. By regularly keeping new props in stock, we make sure that they look awesome and photos and that there is a wide selection for guests that are coming in and seeing us again. If you book us for the same corporate event two years in a row there’s a good chance that were going to show up with entirely new types of props and guaranteed brand-new pieces so that they can look the best in photos. We regularly stock new props like wigs, hats, face masks, a number of high-end signs and funny items as well as many different classes and face props. We want to give you plenty of options for custom items in your photos and make sure that everything you handle is going to be high-quality. The average person uses the photo booth at least 2-3 times with the handful at least 20-30 times. You can be sure to have funny priceless memories in various different costumes and outfits!

Our booths are touchscreen & easy to use:

There’s no need for us to be on site or to have an official photo booth attendant in order to use our booths. We do recommend having an attendant present just to help make sure the experience is fun and helpful for everything although a photo booth attendant is not mandatory. Our booths are entirely automated and you can set up an automatic timer as well as have access to touch green controls which can keep the booth easy-to-use for people of all ages. We want to make sure that getting in our booths can be a very helpful experience that is a lot of fun. We have people from almost every generation try our booths at weddings and most people can figure out how to set them up and use them in a matter of moments. The creativity and options that people pick from just amaze us with every event!

We have fantastic testimonials:

Many of our customers have taken the chance to review our services on our Facebook page, on Easy Weddings, on Yelp and on Google. We love hearing our client feedback because it helps us to grow as a company and improve our services. Throughout the 400+ events that we have had pleasure of being involved in, we have mostly seen very favorable reviews about out services. If you want to ask some more in-depth questions from some of our previous customers we would be happy to pass along some of our most recent client contact information so that you can have a better peace of mind about our service.

If you would like to learn more about our Photo Booth hire Melbourne service and how we could be a good fit for your next event, then please contact us today. For further peace of mind and one less thing to worry about for your special day, why not come in and trial our booths today.