When to Booth: The Wedding!!!

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Top reasons to consider a Photo Booth for your wedding:

Photo Booth rentals are one of the biggest new trends in wedding planning. If you are on the fence on whether or not to get a Photo Booth for your reception Lavish Photo booths hopes to change her mind with some of the top reasons you should consider getting a fun prop photo booth for your wedding event.

  • Entertainment for all guests: guests absolutely love getting into the Photo Booth and seeing the aftermath photography. Photobooths allow your guests to get a little bit creative and you will find that almost every guest leaves the booth smiling. A photobooth is a great way that you can remember your reception and that you can give each guest a little keepsake to remember your wedding as well. Photo booths are also fun for kids and adults making this great entertainment for everybody.
  • Embrace your theme: If your wedding has a particular theme you can include various props that will help your guests follow through with the theme as well. A themed photobooth or themed backgrounds can help your guests get creative and help them to embrace your wedding theme further.
  • Sharing: We can set up the Photo Booth to help you send all of the clean photographs to a Facebook account so that you get a digital copy of the photos as well as all of the printouts from the Photo Booth too.
  • Fun guestbook: Adding fun entries into the guestbook with the help of a photo booth can help you have an even more exciting and custom guest book experience.
  • A nostalgia factor: Almost everyone has a smart phone that’s capable of taking a picture today but in the past using photo booths was one of the only ways that you could get quick and easy pictures of your friends and family.
  • Quality: In many cases the Photo-Booth is capable of taking amazing shots in just a short amount of time that are far better than any cell phone camera.

For these top reasons and more you should strongly consider getting a photo booth for your wedding!