Why did we form Lavish Photos Booths?

aranxa esteve SDEUgyUVU unsplash

The idea for Lavish Photos Booths came out of a poor experience. In planning a birthday for our 4 year old we decided to get a fun photo booth for the event. The problem was that it was nothing like what we had imagined. We expected props and for the photo booth to be a big attraction at the party. The problem however was that when the service provider actually showed up he was ill-prepared. The photo booth we ended up with didn’t come with any props and was just a simple camera rig where photos got printed out on A4 photo paper from a regular inkjet printer. This wasn’t a truly realistic photo booth experience and nothing like what we had imagined. So we decided to create our own vision as a business. We talked with some local providers and had some special photo booths crafted that would be suited for nearly any event. By building some of the best cabinets in the industry we also decided to take a step further and get some amazing props to take parties to the next level as well.It is our goal at Lavish Photos Booths to never present a disappointing service to our customers. From our original expectation that came out of a poor experience comes our drive to succeed. We hope that you never have to experience the disappointment that our daughter and our family had to experience from our first photo booth event. Our business is a true photo booth experience that’s fun for people of all ages and perfect for all types of events!