Evelyn’s 21st Birthday – September 30, 2017


On 30th of September 2017 we were a part of a very special event for Evelyn who was celebrating her 21st birthday with family and friends. We helped provide photography in a photo booth hire for about 80 people which included a selection of cousins, grandparents, family and close friends for Evelyn’s 21st birthday.

Most of the people in attendance were Evelyn’s friends and they were all in their 20s making for a night of fun music and laughter over the event. We had the entire event at the Calibar which the family rented out for the evening. This location is in Scoresby and it was extremely versatile for the needs of the party. With our affordable photo booth rental in Scoresby we often look for great venues like this!

This certainly was a family affair with many of the family members getting involved in the planning as well as a family friend that acted as a photographer for the entire event. Coordinating with the photographer as well as working with each one of the family members to get their suggestions into the party planning really made for a magical birthday event. It was everything that Evelyn was looking for and more!

We really enjoyed getting to know some the members of the family and working with them to plan out activities and create the theme for the evening. We couldn’t have predicted all the fun that we would all have in this room and with the process of coordinating the party. All of these items were captured with our photobooth rental in Scoresby.

The party also had a professional DJ that turn the entire place into a huge dance party by the end of the night. The DJ was called Protact DJ and he was a true professional taking a number of requests from the family members as well as all of the younger people in attendance. There was a varied amount of music that was both traditional as well as very contemporary. With hits that please just about everybody the dance floor was constantly packed throughout this event and there is likely some excellent pictures of everybody enjoying themselves out as they were dancing. The huge catalog of music as well as some of the latest hits that were available on the radio really got all the younger people moving through the party. The DJ likely didn’t miss a single request all night and was quite accommodating with getting any of the top items that people were asking for. He was extremely organised and set up the whole area staying organised and cleaning up very quickly. A true professional in the industry.

As well as including some fantastic music and photos there was a photo booth available on site. Many of the attendees enjoyed the Scoresby photo booth hire immensely. Lavish photo booths provided the photo booth on site and included a number of different props and backgrounds that guests really enjoyed getting creative with. Many of Evelyn’s friends pose together with her for her 21st birthday and they enjoyed playing with all of the different props so that they can create fun social media pictures and prints to remember the event. Lavish photo booths in Scoresby and their integration with social media accounts made sure that the entire event was trending during Evelyn’s 21st birthday.

One thing that we could not or predicted with the organisation of this event was a very traditional dance practice that took place. A number of family members got together and put on some traditional Greek music that even included Evelyn. This great celebration really showed her maturing and getting involved with the family to celebrate some of her heritage. The DJ absolutely loved seeing all of the traditional Greek dance moves and it felt like a very special moment that was all captured by the photographer. This was definitely one of our highlights of the birthday as organisers and seeing the smiles on every family members face during the dance really made the planning process worth it. It seems as though a few of Evelyn’s friends even joined in and learned a few of these traditional dance moves for themselves. A number of the family members even tried out the Scoresby photo booth hire after they were done dancing! These are the types of memories that are truly unforgettable with these types of events.

We also loved coordinating with the venue we have to give a big shout out to Vicky and Maria who were the fun and friendly staff members working at Calibar that night. They helped us with everything including set up, coordination and getting everything organised. If you are working at planning an event at Calibar you could not ask for better staff than these two. Vicki and Maria were with us each step of the way and were some the last people through the door at the end of the event. Their dedication and their commitment to customer service makes them true legends in the industry.

Everything went flawlessly from organising the photography booth in Scoresby, to the music and setting up and tearing down the photo booth over the course of the event. Working with the staff in coordinating with this venue was one of the easiest processes we have had in party planning and it was a great space to host a truly beautiful birthday for Evelyn and her family.

If you are thinking of planning a birthday for next year we would love to come along with our photo booth hire in Scoresby! Everyone made us feel extremely welcome and we really enjoyed being a part of your day. We have to give a shout out to this family that provided a wonderful 21st birthday and everyone that attended that night!