Nathan’s 30th Birthday – October 28, 2017

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We are extremely proud to be included with the celebration of Nathan’s 30th birthday as a birthday photo booth hire in Brighton. We were lucky to work with Nathan’s girlfriend Melva to organize the entire event for nearly 60 people. Melva wanted the data be extremely special for her boyfriend and we worked over several months planning out a party for all of Nathan’s close friends and family.

On the day of the event we coordinated almost every aspect of the party from the DJ, to the food, to the Photobooth in Brighton and even opening up in decorating the event space. This was going to be an unforgettable day for Nathan and the excitement was definitely in the air as soon as we got the space all set up.

Melva planned out everything from the decor to the food and we worked to assist with vendors that could get the job done as well as coordinate the day so that it took off without a hitch. Melva outlined a list of items that she wanted included that she thought that Nathan would really enjoy and we went to from there suggesting the best contractors from our list. Of course our quality photobooth hire in Brighton would cover the whole event. We loved working with the Bakers as well as a close family member to handle the process of arranging food for this event.

The food at this event was something that is well worth mentioning Melva mentioned that Nathan had a real sweet tooth and with a huge selection of macaroons and homemade delicious cupcakes, there was plenty of great treats to get into set up at the snacks table. Nathan’s close family member was able to create a huge range of cupcakes making sure that everyone was satisfied with a huge selection of dessert choices. We have actually never seen so many different types of cupcakes all in one place and our event coordinators were loving some of the flavor creations that were available as were the guests.

Most of the attendees of this event were in the high 20s and low 30s with almost every one of Nathan’s close friends and family in attendance. We helped with picking a few people up from the airport as well as coordinating transportation on the day of the event to make sure that everyone could enjoy themselves.

There were huge number of activities available apart from the deserts and getting everyone organized in the same space for the surprise birthday party. We helped to source a DJ so that the entire event could turn into a big dance party for Nathan. The DJ brought in his own sound equipment and a few lights to really transform the entire place into a club environment. Even though the space was a bar to begin with, we really help to transform the inside of it and play music that make them really loved.

Apart from the DJ there was also a lavish photo booth hire set up for guests to enjoy. We handled the setup for the full photobooth hire in Brighton. As soon as the club party popped off there were a number of people that made her way over to the photo booth to start taking some photos to really treasure the night. Nathan got into the photo booth with just about everyone at the party to take birthday photos with some of his favorite people. The photo booth and all of the props led to a fun activity for many people who were attending and the lavish photo booth connection to social media made sure that the party was trending for all of Nathan’s friends.

The photo booth also solve the problem of getting a professional photographer for the event. If people wanted to get great photos taken on professional equipment they could just go over to the photo booth and enjoy putting together some fun compilations throughout the night.

The venue we were very impressed with through the party as well. The main area for this party was The Deck in Brighton which is a club and lounge generally frequented on weekends. Nathan of the party booked out a section of the bar for the event and got their own private DJ and snack booth for the event. We managed to fit everything into the event space as well as coordinate with the space owner to make sure that the process of set up and tear down was easy for us and everyone involved. It even featured wonderful lighting for the Brighton Photobooth setup we had to offer.

The club owner also didn’t seem to mind with the DJ was playing and there were plenty of great deep house tracks as well as some early house hits from the 1990s up to the 2000s. It was a real throwback party and Nathan absolutely love the music because it was some of his favorite growing up. It was almost like a bit of a time warp helping Nathan to remember some of his teen years as well as his early 20s. We are so glad that we were able to source a DJ and a space that could really transform the night into a nice remembering of Nathan growing up.

We want to really thank everyone involved with the process of organizing this event including our staff members who help to make sure that the entire evening was a real success. Melva and Nathan seemed to have an excellent time and we are also glad that we were able to have fun at this event with you. You really made us feel like family and we would be happy to return for Nathan’s next birthday as well!