Perfectly Suited: Why Photo Booths Are Fantastic for Formal Events

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Our Black Curtain Enclosed Booth at a Wedding in Crown Towers

Planning any event can feel positively terrifying, and this can be even more so when it's a formal event.

This is because formal events tend to be a hit or miss. When executed right, they’re elegant and memorable. But get something (or a few things) wrong and the event may turn out dreary, or worse.

Being stuck with an event that falls into the latter category is every event planner's nightmare. That's why a lot of work and consideration goes into planning these events.

While hosting a formal event can be tricky, there are certain essentials that will always add life and colour to your event. Photography is always great, no matter what event you're planning, and adding a photo booth is even better.

If you've been wondering how to light up your formal events, then you'll find that including a photo booth or two can be just the spark you're looking for. Here's why photo booths are fantastic for formal events.

Photography Affords Immortality

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever”. Karl Lagerfield.

Every event is one of its kind; distinct. Two bouquet dinners can never have the same series of events, even if they’re both intended to be so.

Look at the old photographs your mother or grandmother has around. All these framed ancient memories carry volumes. I have a few around too. One is of my mom’s graduation from primary school. They posed so stiff and formal back then.

It sure is different from how we take photos today. I personally would rather be immortalized smiling in many pictures.

Wedding, as an example of a formal event, marks a major milestone in the lives of the apex celebrants of the event -- the bride and the groom. They would want thousands of photos to hold that memory long enough for their children, and possibly their grandchildren, to see.

Images don’t age or warp. A smile in a photo taken in the early 90’s will continue to be a smile one hundred years later.

At weddings, many well-wishers and family members would love to have photos from the occasion. Are you an event planner? Are you geared up to take all the heat from displeasing all these folks?

An estimated 116,000 weddings take place in Australia every year. Can you imagine that? On average, the total number of pictures taken of a bride on her wedding day adds up to a staggering 3,000. Fascinating.

Going forward, formal events usually have to do with meeting new people and making new acquaintances. Pictures serve to store these nascent relationships in the immortal property of its two chief components. Light and Time.

It Never Gets Boring to Take Photos

One major concern of event planners is to keep the guests fascinated throughout the event. The human mind however, is a tough dough to knead. To keep guests interested, you have to put interesting gear in place.

Event guests, by and large, love photo booths. Having photo booths here and there will completely do away with the probability that your events will get unexciting.

Photo booths appeal to everyone. You’d occasionally catch glimpses of couples stealing away to take pictures at weddings. Love in the air, families posing old-school styles for family portraits.

Formal occasions commonly comprise Tuxedoes and ball gowns. Someone once said “you just have to look good in a tailor-fitted Tux”. Same goes for a fitted ball gown. I, personally, am not one to throw away that elegance. I must take pictures, lots of them.

As an added benefit, photo booths also come in the closed booth variation. Having curtains to allow for privacy. This especially appeals to shy people and lovers. When the red velvety curtains are drawn, confidence is boosted, intimacy is triggered.

While this idea of photo booths is nothing groundbreaking, it has been proven to spice up any event. Formal and informal alike.

Cash in on people’s penchant for taking pictures and make your event a memorable one for them with this simple idea.

In addition, dozens of props and photo filters will complement a magnificent photo booth. These will add up to loads of excitement for your guests. Works like a charm.

The fact that photo booths print photos right away doesn’t mean that there is any compromise in quality. They come with high-tech photography equipment and a user-friendly interface for picture perfect shots. They more often than not come with friendly staff to lend a hand to first-time users.

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It’s an Event Necessity

It’s not just fantastic to have photo booths at formal events, it’s essential.

What is it about formal events that make having photo booths on hand a necessity?

Events, in general, bring about a unique collection of people and activities in a single venue. Talk about prominent guests, showcases, distinctive happenings such as awards, ribbon cuttings and so on. Pictures serve to remind those who attended what the experience was like. It also serves to show those who weren’t able to be there, what they missed.

Attendees are often in a festive or expectant mood and are dressed more formally or even in more fun outfits. Pictures would really be of the essence to them in events like that. It’s usually worth remembering.

Sharing these moments notifies those that missed it and emphasizes the significance of the event. A high quality image will make your press release more appealing in several media settings. Pictures boost viewership and preservation of significance in just about all media and marketing platforms.

Photography is more than a documentation process, it is more. It is an art form and should be treated with the same respect as painting, sculpture, and the other well known art forms. Make that event get it’s due regard and esteem with first-class photographs.

Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

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Remember, Photographs are immortal, make your events even so.  It also never gets uninteresting to take photographs. Thrill your guests  through every event with magnificent photo booths.

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