The Booth Breakdown: Choosing the Right Photo Booth for Your Event

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Taking pictures is really fun. Photos capture fun times and leave us with lasting memories. We can always go back to the photos we took and not only remember how much fun we had taking the pictures. But also remember the event and how it went.

There’s no better way to create lasting memories than using a photo booth rental. When you use a photo booth, the English adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” will come to mind. And in your case, a few of those thousand words could be “we had so much fun at the amazing event you organized”.

Oh, the logistics of organizing a party already seem like so much work. To now include a phone booth rental? Wouldn’t it just be best for guests to take their own selfies themselves? No, we beg to differ. The purpose of an event is to bring people together and sometimes, party games are incorporated to get people to loosen up.

A photo booth hire does that and more, you could even ensure that people take at least one goofy picture before they leave. That would make for an interesting memory don’t you think?

You don’t have to worry about a photo booth rental. Our photobooths for hire at Lavish Photo Booths in Melbourne are exquisite and exceptional. We have different types of photo booths and an interesting collection of backdrop choices, props and most importantly, a fun and helpful attendant. Our premium photo booths hire in Melbourne promises to add spice to your event.

How Would a Photo Booth Rental Add Spice to Your Event?

Technology exists to make life easier and especially in regards to cameras, it has not stopped advancing. There are different types of photo booths around now, each new model with advanced areas. No matter which one of the several types you opt for, you’d be rest assured to get ease and simplicity.

Photo booths add spice to your events by just being there, no matter what the theme of the event is, everyone wants to have pictures of a fun time. Coupled with the cool backdrops, interesting props and being at ease in the booth, you have yourself the perfect fun time pictures.

In recent times, almost every event has a photo booth rental. Their rapidly growing popularity is not at all surprising. Photo booths make it easier to capture fleeting moments and give instant gratification with the immediate photo prints. At our photo booth hire in Melbourne, we have many impressive add-ons to offer. Such that having a photo booth rental at your event can easily slide in for the best party gift.

Initially, it can be a bit awkward to have your pictures taken but the great thing about photo booths is that they strip inhibitions away faster. And soon enough everybody is relaxed and having fun. This way it’s easier to make friends, hiring a photo booth rental can very well help like minds to find themselves. Nothing gets people together faster than a shared experience.

As previously mentioned, pictures are a great way to capture lasting memories. But all of these may not be achieved if the proper amount of thought and detailing is not put into your photo booth rental. So, it is important to choose the right photo booth hire in Melbourne.

Choosing the Right Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne

When looking for a photo booth hire in Melbourne, there are certain things you need to consider. This is because you need to choose the right photo booth for your event.

  • Budget

The first thing you want to map out is your budget because the amount of money you have to spend is important. You should always have a specific amount or range of dollars in mind before picking out a photo booth rental. Lavish Photo Booth hire in Melbourne with exquisite backdrops and fun props are one of the best photo booth companies around. They are also budget friendly. You should keep in mind that a low budget can prevent you from getting high quality photo booth rentals. Cheap is not always better.

  • The occasion

It might seem kind of obvious but not all photo booths are suitable for all occasions. Some backdrops and props might not seem so appropriate for an otherwise classy event. So, in choosing the photo booth rental, make sure it is tailor made to suit the occasion.

Everything should be considered, be it night time or day time, corporate or casual, if it is a themed party or not. Photo booth rental companies usually have many different features to offer that will align with the theme of your event. But always ask if there are additional fees so that the final quote doesn’t put your expenses way over budget.

  • Professional phone booth company

You should always hire a professional phone booth company. This is because your event is important and you need the right company for the job. You will also get the best photo booths with the latest technologies and better equipment.

In addition, accidents happen, you never know when something could go wrong. Which is why you should hire a professional photo booth company that has insurance. There’s always a possibility of things going south, you should ensure you’re in safe hands.

  • Equipment and props

Always consider how much space you have before proceeding with a photo booth rental. The venue is important in getting the perfect photo booth for your event. In that vein, make sure you have adequate information on how the props and equipment will be handled. Don’t forget to ask what type of camera they use. You should also consider the options of the photo booth hire in terms of digital and or printed photos.

At Lavish photo booth hire in Melbourne we take adequate care of our equipment and don’t re-use our props. We also have an attendant that will help out and stand in with back up equipment in case anything goes wrong. We have the latest technology, high resolution photos and depending on your choice of photo booth, digital and print files.

  • Your guests

In choosing the right photo booth rental, the guests that will be attending the event should also be considered. You need to keep in mind the calibre of guests and the experience you are aiming for, it will help to eliminate unsuitable choices right away. For example, if your guests consist of a diverse age group, you could go for something traditional that puts the older ones at ease and is relatable to the younger ones.

The whole idea of a photo booth is so that everyone can feel involved and have a good time. So, when you’re looking for a photo booth hire in Melbourne, you should think about the target audience and ensure that it is the right photo booth.

  • Reviews

You can check out the photo booth rental company online to see their reviews and try to gauge if you can work with them. Check legitimate directories, ask family and friends to be sure of their experiences in working with the photo booth hire. It’s probably not best to hire a photo booth rental that nobody’s heard of.

In conversation with them, you can also ask for a preview of their setup photos. You don’t want a sourly attendant to ruin the fun at your event and you most definitely do not want a hideous photo booth at your event. So, take your time to ask all of the questions and get concrete answers.


There you have it, the complete breakdown of how and why to choose photo booths for your events. If you would like to contact us for a

in Melbourne or if you want to learn more about photo booths, we at Lavish Photo Booths are ready to help.