Why pick the Magic Ring booth for your upcoming event

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Photo booths are a must have at events. The joy, celebration, and carefree excitement they encourage guests to feel is considerable. Photo booths give guests control of their photographic experience – they may pose as they wish, use whichever props they desire and can take as many photos as they want. All whilst sharing the space and taking pictures with likeminded individuals. Essentially, the presence of photo booths at events empowers individuals. It allows them the freedom and free reign to have a good time to their accord, even when they do not know anyone else at the event.

As a premium service provider of photo booth hire in Melbourne, Lavish Photo Booths is the perfect one-stop solution for your upcoming occasions. We provide an array of high-end photographic services through our offers of quality photo booths and packages, high resolution prints and modern-day technology integration. The value provided by all our photo booths in Melbourne is second-to-none. Yet, our latest product addition: the Magic Ring photo booth, presents value and exhilaration at a superior level – for all clients and guests.

The Magic Ring is the newest photo booth in Melbourne. This creation satisfies modern-day photo booth needs through refined relevancy. Circular-shaped, futuristic frames and a classy LED light surrounding the screen perimeter is what makes the Magic Ring booth a visual delight. Yet, the advantages go much beyond this. The booth can accommodate large groups of users per session and is packed with unlimited features. These include on-screen animations, filters and emojis that enhance every selfie taken. Moreover, this ultra-modern booth is a perfect treat for millennials and post-millennials. Thanks to its new social media integration, users have the option to email their selfies and gifs to themselves. This way, whatever has been captured on the booth can now be uploaded directly on social media platforms to share with friends and family.

The opulence of our Magic Ring photo booth and its ability to leave guests in total awe cannot be surpassed by any other booth. The aesthetic appeal and features it contains have not been seen in a booth before – especially not in Melbourne. This makes Lavish Photo Booths the leading and forward-thinking photo booth suppliers. We are your go to! The Magic Ring photo booth has yet to fail in impressing guests and given its newness plus relative scarcity in availability, it is an ideal way to get guests talking about your event for many years to come. Basically, the easiest way to dazzle your guests at a party is by booking our Magic Ring photo booth rental in Melbourne.

Not only is the Magic Ring a good-looking, fast-working and HD selfie-taking photo booth, but it also comes alongside high-value packages and add-on options. It is popularly sold with the deluxe package, which comes with unlimited photo prints (digital and tangible), a backdrop selection from 60+ choices, a customized photo strip and another 60+ props to amplify your selfies. For a slightly higher price, you can also purchase the Magic Ring with the ultimate Lavish experience package. This package incorporates bollards and a red-carpet to enhance the grandeur of both the Magic Ring and the event. The Lavish experience package also includes a leather album, where hosts can add copies of each printed photo strip in, to collect and keep safe. It is a viable way to recollect on the good times and happy memories that were facilitated by the Magic Ring during the special occasion.

All-in-all, the Magic Ring is our greatest show-stopping photo booth, that intrigues all and can be utilized in multiple ways. As hosts, know that our Magic Ring booth will offer a worthwhile experience to all your guests with the potential to transform your event into a fully upscaled, fun occasion. If the complexity of the design and function of the Magic Ring seems too daunting, we rest assure you there is nothing to worry about. Every time our photo booth is booked in for an event, we send with it a top-class attendant who has the expertise to install, run and pack-up the photo booth. Any queries or feature preferences you and your guests have on the day, just convey them to our attendant and they will guide or assist you through them. Thus, once you book a photo booth in Melbourne, the only thing you must worry about it what pose to make and which prop/s to use when it’s your turn in front of the screen. We will take care of everything else!

The Magic Ring photo booth complements every type of event possible and can be easily adjusted to provide tailored solutions for each individual event. This makes the booth a top choice for photo booth hire in Melbourne. Lavish Photo Booths takes pride in its efforts to personalize every host’s experience with us, and the Magic Ring helps facilitate this effort. It has the glitz and glam that makes it a perfect fit in weddings, especially given its neutral tone which helps it blend into every theme. The feature-packed element and social media integration has also turned the booth into an ultimate client favourite for birthday parties, school forms and even bar mitzvahs. Additionally, its classy and clean-cut aesthetic with sharp and sleek lighting also makes the Magic Ring booth thrive during corporate events as these are the more formal settings. The LED feature has made the booth one of our most compatible photo booths on offer. Unlike others, the Magic Ring booth is not dependent upon lighting and is thereby highly suited for evening and night-time events.

Our Magic Ring is a revolutionary photo booth invention that has transformed the position and elevated the appeal of events with its presence. It is now your best bet to ensure your occasion remains special, fun, and forever memorable.

Planning a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or some other event? Tell us when and where, and we will be there alongside our Magic Ring booth. At Lavish Photo Booths, we are dedicated to making our clients’ events successful and the Magic Ring photo booth has always helped us achieve this!

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